introducing TAROT TALES

Vintage-People-Clip-Art-0162015 sees me beginning a new series of posts.

Each will detail a personal tale relating to one of the Major or Minor Arcana—until I get through all 78 of ’em!

Here’s how it works—after drawing a card, researching its symbols and themes, I will post an anecdote from my life I think falls in line with what the card has to tell us.

This process will be random and very subjective—whichever card comes up will be the one that needs to. I will, of course, dovetail astrology into each story where ever necessary.

I hope to maintain a cadence of once or twice a month for these blogs. Yep, this means a 3-4 year project!

Your own stories relating to each drawn card will be very, very welcome in the comments.

I am very excited about this new endeavor.

First installment coming soon . . .


3 thoughts on “introducing TAROT TALES

  1. Cannelle says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read. I’m starting a tarot class next weekend and I’m really excited to learn.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] 101st birthday. She has been gone 9 years now, but all the same. I had a feeling my next tarot story would be about her and sure enough . . […]


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