starlight in hades—sun conjunct pluto—jan 3rd

This Sunday night’s Full Moon is a dewsy, ya’ll.

One major component is the Capricorn Sun’s conjunction with Pluto at 13º the day before. And, actually, we have been under this dynamic’s influence all week and it will continue into next week.

Two words—

Intense. Power.

Ok, first, I think it might prove wise to list a few mistakes you don’t want to make under this conjunction.

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-006Here goes . . .

  • petty arguments
  • power plays
  • emotional manipulation
  • compulsive ideation
  • obsessive need for control
  • ego-conflicts
  • ruthless negativity


Now that the b.s. is outta the way, let’s get down to how this event could be magical.

So, yes, Sun/Pluto can portend a bout with megalomania, but it can also be one of the most intensely healing transits available.

If even for a few days, we have access to deep psychological insights and a profound spirit of determination is ours to utilize.  The lesson is one of letting go—no easy task for a lot of us.

This combination allows us to transform the self and the immediate environment. If there is any area that needs an overhaul, Sun/Pluto can perform miracles. Sol shines his light on all the decay Hades has brought to the surface then offers the resolve to deal with the awful mess.

Look to the Capricorn house (specifically 12º-14º) for specific clues to where your personal awareness capabilities will go off the charts.

Avoid the inclination to skew to the negative, and you’ll do just fine.


One thought on “starlight in hades—sun conjunct pluto—jan 3rd

  1. […] saw the Sun join Pluto at the 13º of Capricorn. They will remain intertwined for the duration of the Full Moon, while sextiling Pisces […]


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