you zig, then i’ll zag—venus into aquarius—jan 3rd

The Goddess of Love and Beauty leaves Capricorn this Saturday, January 3rd, for the Fixed Air sign, Aquarius and will remain there until the 27th.

January and February are the coldest months of the year—not just weather wise but also astrologically.

Let me explain:  Capricorn and his succeeding sign, Aquarius are not the best with the feels. The Goat prefers practical results on the material plane—this is how he shows love and caring. Likewise with the Water Bearer, the feels are all in the mind. Discussing and brainstorming radical concepts are how they demonstrate friendship and acceptance.

So, from the time all the worker bees make their exodus from Sagittarius between Thanksgiving and Christmas until they all congregate in Pisces come the end of February—the feels are gonna be frozen solid.

Chilly, aloof, detached.



If you remember, Venus is the planet that attracts.  It is her job to draw the necessary social experiences and relationships to each of us.  Think of her as the solar system’s casting agent and party planner rolled into one.

All the better, since, Aquarius is a supremely social sign, one of misfits and outcasts. Lots of friends and acquaintances. All are welcome.

Their’s is an insatiable hunger for new ideas, new experiences, new people, new places.

The 11th sign also demands shock value. Only the most unconventional will do, for the cutting edge is where they call home. And it doesn’t have to be a grand scale rebellion (though that doesn’t hurt!) to satisfy this Aquarian requisite either.

No, going against the status quo set by their friends and family can simply be enough. They must be original and independent, if only in their little neck of the woods.

Alright, so, what does this mean for the general atmosphere the next few weeks?

Well, all of the above traits become the prevailing atmosphere. Though the emotions remain shelved, we will get opportunity after opportunity to let our freak flags fly.

Shoot the shit and shock!


Zany, wild, off-the-wall.

And one added bonus—our socializing will bend toward the big-picture, humanitarian ideals the Water Bearer looooves to parse. Those crazy, wackadoo schemes that make the world a better place for everyone.

This is the promise of Venus in Aquarius.


2 thoughts on “you zig, then i’ll zag—venus into aquarius—jan 3rd

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  2. […] Venus and Mercury have both recently moved into Aquarius. They are now sextiling Saturn, new to Sagittarius. This adds plain good judgement and success to any plans made now—especially artistic or career-wise. […]


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