venus opposes jupiter—jan 19th

Monday, the 19th, Aquarius Venus opposes Leo Jupiter Rx at 20º.

4.2.7They formed their first inconjunct during Christmas Week last month and now it is Leo/Aquarius time. The opposition is Aphrodite’s purest meeting with the King of Planets in their I/O/Q cycle.

It is a fabulous precursor to the Leo Full Moon on February 3rd, since it highlights the energies of a Feminine (Venus/Moon) and Masculine (Jupiter/Sun) planet along the Fixed Fire/Air axis.

So, what does that mean for the beginning of our week?

Well, Venus and Jupiter are the zodiac’s benefics—they bring good luck and good feels. They create an atmosphere that is generally charming and gregarious. Magnanimous and alluring.

Of the 4 elements, Fire and Air are the socializers—Leo and Aquarius being no exception.

Leo wants your personal attention, while Aquarius wants the collective’s attention.

Add it all together and there will be a prevailing undercurrent of good-natured “hey look at me!!”

So, just as long as the area Venus is drawing the energies of Jupiter to in your chart gets its satisfactory dose of social attention, you will also feel just fine.

For example, Aquarius Venus is transiting my 5th House of creativity, romance and children, while Leo Jupiter is in my 11th House of higher ideals, organizations and friends.  I’ll wager a guess that if, today, a couple people (11H: collective) read and like (Venus) this post of mine (5H: creativity) my day will end with a boost of cheer (happy benefics).

Easy peasy.

Could be just that uncomplicated. Not the end all, be all; but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

On the downside, some of our attention seeking behaviors may be innocently overlooked and we end up feeling slighted.

Well, that’s the beauty of oppositional energy—it goes both ways!

If, in the next couple days, you pick up the vibe someone just wants a little extra consideration—give it to ’em!

It’ll most likely MAKE THEIR DAY!!!!

And remember Jupiter is retrograde—all the potential satisfaction of this opposition doesn’t necessarily have to explode out into the world in a grandiose spectacle. No, it most likely will manifest as simply as a phenomenally personal feeling of contentment.

Happy Monday, everybody!!


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