season of the water bearer—jan 20th

Tuesday, the 20th, sees the Sun ingressing to the 11th sign of Aquarius, followed shortly by the Moon.

lightning-1909The two Luminaries conjunct at 0º roughly around 8AM EST.

We’ll be waking to a new day, a new astrological month and a new lunation cycle.


The first New Moon of 2015 continues last year’s pattern of Sun ingresses coinciding with the start of a new Lunar month. The zero degree of a sign is mighty potent and, therefore, adds quite a punch to the energy backing intentions set at this time.

And true to Aquarius’ unconventional nature there will be a SECOND New Moon February 18th at the crisis-laden 29th degree.

Oh Boy!

So, let’s get to know Aquarius a little bit better to best utilize the celestial toys we get to play with this month!

Aquarius is the third and final Air sign on the trip around the zodiac.

But he is known as the Water-Bearer.


Let me explain.

Each Air sign is a duality–androgynous Mercury ruled Gemini, the Twins; Venus (love and money) ruled Libra, the Scales; Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern) ruled Aquarius is Air but known as the Cupbearer of the Gods.

Way back when, the end of January/beginning of February was the start of the rainy season in and around the Mediterranean.  This signaled the return of crops and trade—life-giving sustenance.

The Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) govern the oceans and rivers of the planet, while Aquarius rules the rain.

Rain (Water) from the sky (Air)—Aquarius’ duality.  Nowadays we think of it as the Water Bearer who pours the quickening liquid of collective unconscious spirit down for all to imbibe.

Here and here are more on the mythologies.

Alright, Mercury and Venus have been in the Water Bearer’s sign since shortly after the new year, so we have already cut our teeth on the detached intellectualism of the 11th sign.

It will be more of the same but amped up quite a bit with the addition of our system’s star:

independent but also social

stubborn but also progressive

honest but also quirky

idealist but also perverse

personally cold but also humanitarian

erratic but also loyal

non emotive but also friendly

psychic but also logical

original but also practical

Ah, the days ahead will just drip with dueling Uranian/Saturnine archetypal energies.

So, it all begins tomorrow morning with the New Moon and our intentions for this new cycle.

The snapshot of this Lunation shows the Luminaries in sextile aspect with Sagittarius Saturn and semi-square with Pisces Chiron. The conjunctions of Piscean Mars/Neptune and Aquarian Venus/Mercury are now separating but both remain influential to this event. Jupiter continues to tickle Venus’ fancy with his opposition from Leo. And the Pluto/Uranus square adds its handy work, as well, by forming a t-square with the Nodal Axis bringing those of us with planets or points at 12-14 degrees of Cancer heavily into the rumble.

This will be an event characterised by the need (Moon) to detach (Aquarius) amidst the fog (Neptune) and chaos of current upheavals (Pluto/Uranus), trusting (Water) in our own resourceful wit (Air) to lead (Mars/Aries Uranus) us to the healing power (Chiron/Pluto) of our personal truths (Leo Jupiter/Sagittarius Saturn).

We will stumble and fall, blind and unsure. But after quenching our thirst at the Water Bearer’s pitcher, we will certainly get up and place the next foot in front of the first . . .

Another note on this New Moon: as you probably know Mercury is turning retrograde on Wednesday the 21st. Couple that with the Fixed modality of the 11th sign and the name of the game for intentions this go round should be ones of EPICLY tying up loose ends and tweaking any mad inventor projects already begun.

Stabilizing is the mantra.

Happy MLK and happy intentions!


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