don’t mess with mars/neptune!!

1317583113_fairyThat’s right!!

If you have—

  • natal Mars in aspect with Neptune
  • natal Mars in Pisces
  • natal Mars in the 12th House
  • to a lesser degree—
    • natal Neptune in the 1st House
    • natal Neptune in Aries (no one alive has this, by the way)
    • natal Pisces Rising


And don’t you forget it!

Alright a little back story:

So, Pisces Mars and Pisces Neptune conjuncted this last Monday, the 19th of January.

I had a post waiting in the wings all ready to publish but I wasn’t able to get around to it.

Why?  Because I was saving one of my little feral/farm kitties from a dog attack!

Luckily, I had slept that night on the couch downstairs, instead of upstairs in my bed.

Infernal noise woke me up well before dawn and I thought it was one of the cats making a fuss cause they wanted to be fed.

Nope. Not a soul near the food dishes.

Then it registered that the sound was a dog parking outside. I ran out to the front porch, hearing the dog with the addition of a cat growling and hissing coming from under the house.

Our old farmhouse has a siding skirt all around the outside, except one opening in the back, this ruckus was in the front—the kitty was trapped.

Cornered. Fighting for it’s life.

Life is hard on the farm. As long as I can remember, cats would simply disappear overnight. We assumed it was either roaming dogs, bob cats or coyotes.

During daytime, any foreign animal would get chased off immediately, sometimes with shotgun warning shots. But at night, if it was inevitable, we always wanted the latter invaders to get them, cause then it would be a swift, clean kill and provide food for the animal (and its young)—morbid solace, I guess.

Many a morning my dad or grandma would find a poor animal torn to pieces by dogs—torturous sport, not the circle of life.

So, one of my sweeties was in trouble!

Half asleep but raging, I began ripping siding from the house to give the kitty a way out, slicing my fingers to bits on the sharp plastic. Yelling and cursing like a banshee.

But the cat never ran out and the fighting continued. I ran back into the house, woke up Daddy and got a flashlight.

The kitty was pinned against the cement column, tangled in some brambles, belly up, blood running from its mouth, unable to move but screaming at the dog, who was inches away.

The brindled bastard dwarfed the little orange tabby. The mongrel was standing its ground, seemingly unfazed by my presence.

And that pissed me off more than anything else.

I ran in and grabbed the baseball bat my Dad was holding and ran back out.

I love dogs and cats alike. Under different circumstances I would be the first to fight for the safety of that dog against anything harming him.

But my loyalty was with Sarah, who in the melee, I realized it was. I was insane with  adrenaline and I was going to beat that dog to death or get mauled trying to save her.

All the kitties (and a couple doggies) I had loved and lost and felt tremendous guilt for not being able to protect rushed back before my eyes.

Eileen, Harry, K-9, Didimus, Magnus, Simon, Sunset, Alexander . . .

I was out of control with fury. This time was going to be different!

I crawled back under the porch, shrieking . . .

But just like that, the intruder had turned and was escaping the way it had come. I ran around the back of the house and chased after, seeing its shadow disappear through the brush and trees by the old barn.

The vet said Sarah’s lungs had been punctured but with anitbiotics and peace & quiet, she is going to be fine.

I slept hard the remainder of that day. The rush of hormones had knocked me out. It’s not often I set out to murder another living thing and well, it took a few to get back to normal.

The whole episode was like a dream, half because I was very much still asleep but also because that’s precisely how the God of the Sea works.

My natal Mars is in the 12th House.  Ruled by Neptune.

Anyone with a signature listed at the top aren’t what is traditionally thought of as the tough warrior types. Mars and Neptune/Pisces together generally point to an inability to make decisive action, sort of a whimsical approach to everything, lots of imagery and glitter.

More artistic than battle ready.

We, to a man, have an excessive soft spot for the underdog, and honestly we ARE that underdog a lot of the time. We love baby animals and we love to nap.

We do Not make war.

And all that is fine by me, personally. I would be so ashamed of myself if I were that hothead jackass who always wants to punch someone.

Yes, I was gonna write a post about how the intensified floating drift of this week’s Mars/Neptune combination was going to render us all worthless for a few days. But the universe slapped that idea right outta my hands.

Mars is still Mars. And Neptune is still a powerful, vengeful God.

So, it may not be readily apparent through the haze of a thick Neptunian mist but when push comes to shove Mars/Neptune can kick ass and worry about the names later.

I am so thankful I slept on the couch, so I could hear the fight in the first place. I am so happy my kitty is ok. I am so grateful that I didn’t have to smash that dog’s skull in or get my own throat ripped out instead.

Don’t fuck with Mars/Neptune.


2 thoughts on “don’t mess with mars/neptune!!

  1. writer says:

    I have a 05 degree sag rising and this moon, mars, neptune kicked my ass and turned my whole world into aggressive emotional chaos . Thanks for the stories to go with the transits. i would Tell my story but I would cry.


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