in love with love—venus conjunct neptune—feb1st

Warwick-Goble-Vintage-Illustration-050February begins with an unquestionably beautiful event.

Ethereal Venus and the infinite waters of Neptune will conjunct at 6º Pisces.

Neptune is known as the Higher Octave of lovely Venus. While the God of the Sea rules Pisces, the Goddess of Love is exalted in the sign of the Fishes. Venus rules personal love and Neptune rules universal love.

What the above amounts to is tomorrow’s meeting will be one of effortless allure. Even life’s most jagged edges will smooth before our eyes.

Together, they portend an exquisite opportunity to swim in romantic fantasy with the ones you wouldn’t want to live without.

Take an evening’s hiatus from the slog of weekend duties. Forget any planning. These energies work best straight from the hip.

Go on an impromptu adventure—share a sinful dinner, sip wine, catch a movie, laugh, touch . . .

Whatever lovers do, tomorrow will beg us to partake.

Do enjoy.


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