of angels and kings—leo full moon—feb. 3rd

warwick6Tomorrow evening, at around 6 PM EST, we have the Leo Full Moon at 14º.

The Sun/Moon opposition will be forming a boomerang yod with Capricorn Pluto and the recent Pisces Mars/Chiron conjunction AND the outrageous Uranus/Pluto square is in full effect.

Pretty potent stuff!!

So, let’s get started.

Remember to pinpoint the houses the Leo/Aquarius axis falls to know exactly where the business is going down for you.

Not only is there a boomerang yod but feisty Uranus sextiles the Sun and trines the Moon from Aries, all while Luna pushes ahead into a conjunction with Leo Jupiter shortly after exacting the FM—super hot!

The addition of Jupiter, Uranus, Mars/Chiron and Pluto means some outdated attitudes and routines are gettin’ all shook up!!

Oh, fun!

Yes, yes, but Leo and Aquarius aren’t reeeally very happy about change.

By nature of being Fixed signs, this pair are stubborn to the death—old habits die hard!!

The Aquarius New Moon, a couple weeks past, had us searching for stability amidst the foggy murk of a heavy Neptunian influence.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon will be in the same vein, only compounded by the dueling energies of “change, dammit—hell no and you can’t make me!!”.

We will be pulled to morph (Uranus/Pluto), but resist (Fixed). We will demand to see clearly (Aquarius), but be unsure (Pisces). We will intrinsically turn inward (MercuryRx), but refuse to hide (Leo). We will want to act powerfully (Mars), but employ the soft sell (Venus/Neptune).

One perfectly good approach smashed against its opposite.

Ugh, so, what is there to do?

Well, Leo and Aquarius are a very creative outgoing pair.  These traits, my dear reader, are how we will make it through AND come out on top!

Let your childlike spirit run. Let your rational intellect play with each and every possibility. Let the passion and rebellion overtake the project.

Let the Lion drink his full from the Water Bearer’s inexhaustible oblation.

Let the Angels deliver sweet inspiration to their King.

Then abdicate the throne built from the fallacy of crumbling absolutes.

Surrender your Fixed truths to the Gods of Change, if for just the evening . . .

And Wednesday the world will still be turning.



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