feb 4th—knighthood for the fishes

Today, Pisces Mars inconjuncts dear Leo Jupiter Rx at 18º.Various-Vintage-Illustrations-040

This is the third and final meeting in their I/O/Q cycle for Jupiter’s 2014/2015 stint in Leo.

The first round came back in November when Leo granted some R&R to our hardworking Capricorn sectors. Then, on New Year’s Eve, the party was taken to new heights when the two fire planets met for their opposition, reminiscent of last night’s Leo Full Moon.

Well, this time it is the Fishes who get to benefit of the Lion’s talents. We need to ask ourselves what could Pisces use a little more of that fiery Leo has in spades?

I bet many of you already know, huh?


That’s right. The King of Planets in the sign of the King can bestow the gentle Seafarer the fortitude of Leo’s celestial royal lineage, bolstering the resolve and constellating the process.

I believe the area of your chart where Pisces resides can be simultaneously the most magical and most vulnerable area of your life. Especially so if it is traditionally a Fire, Air or Earth house—things may just be incredibly confused there much of the time.

Pisces teaches us to submit when necessary, but what if you have gone into total long term surrender instead? Piscean strength is in its softness, but what if the balance has tilted to insipid weakness?

Only you know if a new equilibrium needs to be struck.

In the spirit of full disclosure, a point of contention with today’s event may be the proximity of Pisces Chiron to Mars. They exacted conjunction on February 1st and are now separating, only a mere 2 degrees apart at this time. Since the orbs for quincunxes are so tight, Chiron and Jupiter aren’t technically inconjunct (which they will become around February 15th), BUT it is pretty damn close!

So, with the influence of the Wounded Healer, what we have is a situation of pain and suffering, followed by a call to heal. At the moment, the Piscean sector of your chart is quite possibly an area of immense self-consciousness and doubt. A place of rocky insecurity.

If this is the case, steadying Fixed energy could be the magic bullet you are in dire need of. Leo Jupiter is benevolent, magnanimous and fundamentally sure of himself. He meets the day with childlike verve and can stabilize a situation with radiating humor. Just the spirit Pisces needs to augment his endless dreams until they materialize.

Locate the house Mars is drawing Jupiter’s energies to, to know where to work your new found swagger.

Don your armor, accept your knighthood and slay those dragons!

And remember, Leo is the showman of the zodiac. So, if acting with confidence is awkward at first, don’t be afraid to fake it, till you make it!


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