how bad do ya want it?—venus inconjunct jupiter—feb 10th

As the worker bees, one by one, zip through Pisces, they will invariably aspect Leo Jupiter one last time in their I/O/Q cycle.

Jupiter is leaving the sign of royalty in August of this year, meaning there will be no more King-making energy pulledÿÁ to our Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces sectors (in this precise form) until the Summer of 2026.

2026! Yikes!

Well, today, is Venus’ last dance with Leonine yumminess in her celestial trifecta. (Read about her two previous encounters here and here.)

Alright, so what does this mean for our Tuesday in February?

Venus wants to give you what you need and Jupiter wants to magnify it, exponentially.

Pisces intrinsically knows what needs to be surrendered to reach a goal and Leo will quickly remove anything in the way of giving you what you desire.

That is the gist of the day—

What do you want?

For example, I have had a number of health related issues for myself and loved ones come to the fore over the last week.

Needless to say, I want to feel at peace around all this, like there is a clear course to more serene waters.

Well today, I have felt a lovely sense of calm and reassurance. I understand the magnitude of what needs to be done to regain health for all concerned, but the crippling fear of medical bills, physical pain and long-term debility is simply not there. They were there yesterday, but not today.

This quincunx between Leo and Venus falls right on top of my natal Leo Moon (feelings!!!).

I want to feel good and so I am.

Will this feeling of contentment last?  Hell no!

But today has been an unexpected respite and I am thankful.

So, what do you want?


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