the truth of it all—first weeks of sagittarius saturn

Well, last week wasn’t the best for journalism, as mainstream news can attest.

Lovely-Vintage-Illustration-Clip-Art-009With the suspension of Brian Williams, the leaving of Jon Stewart and the deaths of Bob Simon and David Carr, the country’s newsrooms took a major hit. Hell, even Rosie O’Donnell leaving The View falls into this category.

Each of the above incidents has its own particular nuance of “truth”—whether parsing the rules and punishments of bending it or choosing to uphold your own personal idea of it over career, to a life time career’s worth of quality.

As you can probably deduce from the title of this post, Sagittarius rules journalism. Saturn in this sign speaks to these occurences. (Not the actual tragic deaths of Simon and Carr, of course, but the subsequent void their passing leaves among the field.)

My spidey sense goes off anytime I hear a succession of events that so perfectly illustrates the transit of an outer planet. I find it simultaneously reassuring and creepy that these things happen all in such a in your face, public way.

With the freedom of speech Charlie Hebdo killings and now the past week in American news, is it not completely apparent that Sagittarius is a Fire sign?

Quick is not fast enough. Yesterday is 3 days too late!

Saturn has some work to do—get the f’ outta the way!

Ha, good journalism!

No muss and straight to the point.


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