reversing on a dime—feb 18th

preliudas-1024x871Alright, today is the second Aquarius New Moon, the first occurring back on January 20th.

It is also the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice, therefore signaling the Chinese New Year!!

As if that weren’t enough, the New Moon is followed shortly by the Sun ingressing to Pisces.

Big day, you guys!

Yep, the Sun and Moon conjunct at the 29th degree at around 6:45 PM EST and then our Star moves from Fixed Air to Mutable Water less than 5 minutes later.


I do not want to downplay this event—the New Moon happens at 29º 59′—you CAN’T push it any closer than that, people!!

It’s turning things on its ear, since the last number of lunations have occurred at the critical 0º. Now, we experience the shift from first to last, beginning to ending—alpha to omega.

Where before we had the Full Moon conveniently after the New (astrologically speaking), so as to get aquainted with the “pure” expression of a Sun/Moon conjunction to be followed by the more confusing and broader spectrum of a tug-o-war between the Sun/Moon oppositon—well, now it’s all wacked.

For the first time in many cycles, the push/pull of the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon will come before the unmitigated Piscean Solar/Lunar conjoining, which happens a month from now on March 20th. It’s akin to training for a marathon after the winner has already crossed the finish line.

The strength is still there—0º is just as powerful (and unstable) as 29º—but it is totally ass backwards from what we have grown used to the last couple seasons.

Ah well, we will adapt, yeah?

Alright, a New Moon in Aquarius is all about the invention of our most unique selves. The eleventh sign’s ruler, Uranus, zaps that ass to get the unconventional out, front and center. Think of the world at large and your place in it.

How can you distinquish yourself for the betterment of everyone else?  That is the supreme Aquarian riddle—some would say paradox—waiting for your answer.

And remember we did this all the first time back on the 20th of January—we either can predict how it all unfolds down to the minute OR get a blessed chance to get it right this time!!


For what you need and desire personally, hone in to the house in your natal chart where this conjunction occurs.

Guess what—that’s the difference!! Last month’s conjunction could have resided in a completely seperate sector of your chart and now you have a brand new bag of radically new themes and burdens to deal with.

Yay, new toys!

And if you require an added push, the skies are alive tonight in more way than one.


So, not only is today the start of a fresh lunation but our dear Sun is moving signs.

Aquarius to Pisces.

Cold rational humanitarianism to pliable emotive oneness.

Currently, Venus and Mars are winding down their journey’s in the last sign of the zodiac and now it is the Sun’s turn.

For a type-A Virgo/Pluto Rising, such as myself, I utterly relish Pisces season. I get a pass to take one final break before going balls out—the weather isn’t ready yet for me to get ALL my multitude of Spring projects going and anyway, the universe is telling me to sit down for a sec, how can I argue?

That’s the vibe.

Take more than a minute to catch your breath. Dream a little. Why not?

This isn’t the tactile sensuality of Scorpio or Taurus—no, this occurs more in the heart and mind.

Fantasize, wish, giggle.

Pisces has the courage to be vulnerable better than any other sign.

Embrace this. Put down your sword and armor for a bit—Aries season is knocking at the door, remember?

Allow the surrender. Expect the wash of eons to consume you. Welcome it.

Look for the wonder in the everyday. Slow yourself to a crawl and just————-drift.

Sleep a little longer. No, A LOT longer, searching for the lucidity of your terrestrial quest.

Wake to discover your outer and inner world has indistinquishable overtone. Demand to see and it will be.

This is Pisces Season, proper, now that the Sun has arrived.


Happy New Year, Happy Intentions and Happy Dreams, everyone!!!!


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