the masculine and feminine on fire—mars & venus into aries

who is the artist?????

who is the artist? —–> Zdzislaw Beksinski

Friday the 20th, Mars and Venus ingressed and conjuncted at 0º of Aries.

Thus a new cycle begins among astrology’s most interesting pair, the God of War and Goddess of Love.

Their passage from Pisces to Aries not only threatens the arrival of Spring in a number of short weeks but is very special due to degree and sign involved.

Alright, to start, I will discuss the sign of Aries and what it means to have planets here, then I’ll get on to the peremptory conjunction.

Aries’ power is in its simplicity. He wants to be first in all things and that’s it, folks.

Again, he simply wants to be FIRST in all things.

Action, competition, drive, direct and honest.

Aries lives to conquer. Aries is the leader.

Independent and bold.

Act first, and maybe bother with the questions later. Maybe.

Mars rules this sign and to say the Warrior is comfortable in this position is an understatement.

Mars is the champion, Aries is the champion.

As one, they take the world!

Until the 31st of March, we will be given the celestial opportunity of pure, unadulterated force of action while the God of War resides here in the first of signs.

Shoot, Mars and Sol will spend a full week and a half together in his rulership before he leaves, too. Even more opportunity to get shite done!

Ah, but lovely Venus feels a bit confined in Cardinal Fire. She prefers to luxuriate, allowing others to come to her and beg to do her bidding. This is not the position of her clearest expression, but the alluring Goddess WILL make do.

Regardless, being numero uno is still top billing on her list, as she traverses through Aries. She desires the exact energies Mars radiates. Strong, commanding and self-confident are the traits that pique her attention and ultimately reel her in. She emanates these qualities herself.

Left to her own devises she can’t help but naturally fill these manly boots, but Venus isn’t interested in being alone, now is she?

And this month she is most definitely not flying solo.

She stays with her Martian paramour till around the turn of the month, then breaks away and initiates with the other imamoratos her stint in the first sign has to offer—trining both Saturn and Jupiter, conjuncting the Nodes and Uranus.

Aphrodite leaves Aries and them all on the 17th of February.

For the rest of us, this fiery Cardinal power means a lovely Spring slap in the face to wake our weary Winter bones. Like it or not, the early birds now have their permission to start chipping the arrival of Spring.

When astrological worker bees, such as Venus and Mars, zipping through Aries BEFORE the weather outside is actually comfortable for humans, is a main reason cabin fever is so torturous the last weeks of Winter. Hold tight, the wait is quickly coming to an end.

Yes, this is a get-off-your-ass action sign and this dual ingress means time to get moving.

Collectively, we are experiencing a rise in esteem and energy. We can now garner the wherewithal to forge ahead in whatever myriad enterprises needing our attention.

Aries is the baby of the zodiac—where we meet the ‘Self’ in its most basic form. He gives us innocent courage to demand our own piece of the pie. Confidence, coupled with an innate belief that we deserve that slice, is how the next weeks could manifest. Per usual look to the house 0º Aries holds to get a unique look how this fits into your life.

Utilizing the unmitigated force of Mars and Venus together at such a potent position could be a tremendously rewarding exercise, indeed.

And now, a few words about this conjunction proper.

These two planetary lovers meet up about once every two years, unless Venus retrogrades allowing Mars to catch her for multiple trists. And the fact this weekend’s coupling has occurred at the Aries Point adds intensity and a dash of provocative instability.

Lest we forget, Mars is the archetypal Man and Venus, the Woman.








Along with the energies of Luna and Sol, Venus and Mars are simultaneously the Earth’s easiest dichotomy to recognize and hardest to ever truly understand.

The ages are full of our collective love of the symbolic melding of male/female in a gorgeous carnal dance, whatever form that dance may take.

And the literal stars aligned in such an exquisite example this Friday at sunset. It is magnificent to think upon.

Well, Aries likes it honest, so. . .

I have wanted to make a big deal about this conjunction, but I won’t.

I wanted to wax philosophical about gender and sex, our bodies and souls, our actions and beliefs, but the magnetic conjoining of our Earthly idea of the male and female happens all the time and not just up in the Heavens.

We live it, we navigate it, we sometimes run and hide from it, we sometimes soar to the heights in the mist of it.

These themes are with us every stinking day, I don’t really feel the need to pile on.

Let’s just agree to enjoy the vibe, shall we?

Any more clichéd words about it would diminish the unequivocal beauty.

I’ll just leave it at that.


A note about the post’s picture—For the life of me, I can not get the name of the artist. I am using it today because it is amazing and also in hopes I can get an answer and give credit. If you know, PLEASE share that information. Thank you.

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