trial by fire—sun square saturn—feb 23rd

The celestial forecast for the beginning of the week is one of low motivation and roadblocks.

serenityWe had a refreshing blast of energy over the weekend with the simultaneous Venus/Mars ingress into Cardinal Aries. But alas, today, stodgy Saturn will hit the brakes, as he and the Pisces Sun square at 4º.

Those of us with planets or points at the first degrees of Virgo and Gemini—actually all the Mutable signs, pay attention. The Sun is shining a potentially harsh light on an ongoing Saturnine transit—rarely are these without vulnerability.

More broadly, our initial reactions this Monday may skew to the negative and fighting the urge to be our own worst critic will be at the fore. Many will unfortunately capitulate to the more depressive pullings of an event such as this.

Though naturally we can choose to see the benefit of a day like today.

Requiring our watery Piscean fantasies submit to a trail by Sagittarian Fire could prove the appropriate final vetting to get our dreams off the ground once and for all.


2 thoughts on “trial by fire—sun square saturn—feb 23rd

  1. Gigi N. says:

    Really interesting, but why should mutable signs pay more attention? I’m virgo so I was wondering 🙂

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  2. Lona says:

    Hi, Gigi! Excellent question.
    Virgo is one of four Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). When something goes down in one of the Mutable signs, it is a safe bet to assume the other Mutables are affected to an intensified amount.
    If your Sun is in the beginning degrees of Virgo, then you are experiencing a transit from Saturn and for the next week or so, the Sun.
    (A trine from Saturn and an opposition from the Sun.)
    Since transiting Saturn and the transiting Sun are in aspect now in the Heavens, it further intensifies the effect on your natal Sun.
    Your birth chart is a snapshot of exactly when you were born, but the planets continue to move and will come around and zap your ‘stationary’ natal planets the rest of your life—transits!


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