of service and surrender—virgo/pisces full moon—march 5th

Today is the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon at 14º. Saule-Ct168-1024x847

I spoke about Mercury’s role in this event a couple of days ago and yesterday’s post related some of what Venus is up to today.

So, along with the Full Moon proper, I will concentrate on the following pieces to this intricate Lunation:

  • Mars conjuncts the South Node in Aries
  • Venus/Uranus quincunxes the Virgo Moon
  • Luna trines Cappy Pluto and opposes Pisces Chiron
  • Sun conjuncts (albeit widely) Chiron (adding himself to the reformed Jupiter Rx/Pluto/Chiron Yod)


First, a bit about the Virgo/Pisces axis.

This is the first Full Moon (FM) in a number of months that has not been preceded by an in-sign New Moon (NM). I posted about that here.

The last NM was the second for Aquarius—the order is now all jumbled, folks. Stuff is all sorts of confusing.

And that, dear friends, leads me nicely into the strengths of Virgo.  If the Maiden doesn’t have a mess to be cleaning up, she can be found pacing the floors. So, in the universe’s infinite wisdom, she is the perfect first FM for this new cycle.

And together, Virgo and Pisces are readying the landscape for spring.

Yes, Pisces is the space opened once your earthly desires have been given back to the void and Virgo is the first to heed the call of service once the ego death has actualized.

Water and Earth in tandem.

And they get plenty of help.

Virgo Luna quincunxes the Uranus/Venus conjunction in Aries, meaning we will have to reconcile our need for security with our desire for individual expression—pushing ourselves outside the box of what is safe and tame though demanding some form of assurance from the attempt.

Terra firma and with a bonfire!

During every Full Moon, the Moon opposes the Sun—the monthly centrifugal/centripetal romance of the conscious and unconscious. Full Moons (and New Moons, too) are times of impulsive fertility. A celestial green light to manifest your dreams—one by one.

This go round, the Virgo Moon is trining Capricorn Pluto—two emotional Water planets in solid Earth signs tag-teaming the intensely regenerative force of profound intuition, thrusting out into a material world to purge.

And for his part, the Sun is piling into the above mentioned Yod—conjuncting Chiron, sextiling Pluto and inconjuncting Jupiter Rx.  To today’s lunation, this adds a sublime sensitivity to the surroundings; a Piscean struggle to balance fatalism with encouragement; our innate wound intertwined with our will to live culminating in the healing force of experience.

The Pisces Sun conjuncting Chiron means the Maverick also opposes the Virgo Moon—our emotional needs may seem out of reach and insatiable—why bother?

BUT the beauty is, due the Full Moon dynamic, we are locked into the dance of surrendering those wounds and cleaning up the mess OR ELSE—such a Virgoan ultimatum.

Quintessential warrior, Aries Mars, on the South Node has us questioning all our past battles—what have we won and what have we lost—what areas to champion into the future and where to relent?

Where is it best to simply surrender and live to fight another day?

Ah, but then again, where is the pain oh so worth the struggle?

The Full Moon is forcing our hand.

Call its bluff.


One thought on “of service and surrender—virgo/pisces full moon—march 5th

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