accepting the challenge—mars with jupiter/uranus/pluto—march 9th – 11th

Edward-Robert-Hughes-Painting-018Late last night, Aries Mars trined Leo Jupiter Rx and then, in the wee hours of the morning, he conjuncted Uranus. Tomorrow, the God of War will square Capricorn Pluto.

Venus recently made her way through each of these very aspects leading into last week’s Full Moon and now its her valiant paramour’s turn to do the same.

Very similar vibe but also very different.

For one thing, our physical energy for the next few days will be off the charts! Unless afflicted by something in the natal chart, it will simply seem as if our vigor knows no bounds.  Collectively, we simply want to get out and meet life head on—play as if our souls depended on it!!

Alright, we are actually in the thick of this RIGHT NOW, so on to the particulars.

First up, when Mars and the King of Planets meet in an easy aspect, such as the trine, good things HAPPEN.

You will find yourself wanting to engage in activities that exemplify your chosen beliefs—philosophical and humanitarian pursuits that demonstrate who YOU ARE will push their way to the top of your to-do list. Getting actions in line with values—awesome.

Last night’s trine is shortly followed by the Warrior’s conjunction with Uranus. The usual worry here is that all your well intentioned plans may get lost in a highly nervous, erratic attempt to implement them.

Work smart!! That’s the trick. . .

You have to be willing (and able) to remind yourself not to self-destruct with over heated Juptonian/Uranian LET’S GET THIS STARTED combustion. Stick with what you know, only take it to a higher level.

And then Pluto shows up.

When Mars and the Underworld God butt heads in a tense square aspect, all the nastiness of the two comes skipping along to crash the party.

====>violence and fixation

====>temper tantrums and ego-mania

====>vindictive and cruel

Inherent in a Mars/Pluto square, is a volatile temper capable of blowing the proverbial powder keg. All this power effortlessly at hand can be incredibly scary! It can get very, very ugly. Very fast.

BUT this aspect’s saving grace is strength of will and infinite determination. You can embody the necessary force and stamina to see your projects along to fruition.

Gettin’ er done, won’t be the problem—making sure your goal(s) satisfy the highest functions of the three outer planet Gods is your challenge (and Aries LOVES a challenge).

  • Jupiter—ethical standards—are your actions in line with what you deem honorable?
  • Uranus—individuality—are your actions true to you and your vision of yourself?
  • Pluto—destiny—are your actions creating a legacy you can be proud to claim when all is said and done?

Work to satisfy this inventory and all will be well.


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