ankle biters and dirty, rotten authority figures—saturn retrograde—march 13th – august 2nd

Well guys, it is time for the Planet of Karma’s 2015 retrograde cycle.

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-010Friday, Saturn began retracing his steps through the beginning degrees of Sagittarius and into the final degrees of Scorpio—from 5º back to 28º.

Father Time has been in his retrograde shadow since the beginning of last December and will remain so until the beginning of November this year. All in all, eleven months of this energy, and now we are at the strongest part—the actual retrograde.

Retrograde cycles are times of introspection. The energies of the planet go inward, where they ruminate, hopefully to be expressed in constructive ways, usually later after the retro is over.

Like most things, each planet, sign, house and aspect in astrology has a positive and a negative manifestation.  For Saturn, he rules authority, wisdom, thrift and discipline, but also fear, greed, frustration and depression.

Tomorrow, the 16th, Saturn squares newly ingressed Pisces Mercury, for the former’s first aspect while “moving backwards.”  This got me thinking about a few of the crappy Saturnian experiences I have had in my life–experiences that I’m certain have been shared by many of you.

I personally have Saturn in the 11th House (actually straddling the 10th/11th House cusp)—so, while I have certainly reaped the benefits of this position, it is my karma to see first hand (and sometimes fall victim to) how the negative dynamics of Saturn play out among groups of people (11th house) and my hopes and dreams surrounding those groups.

My late 20’s and early 30’s were a study in the good, the bad and the very ugly of Saturn. I’m Virgo, so here I was with my nose to the grindstone working to make my home, community, work and relationships as healthy as possible.

But the reality I shortly came face to face with was, while I was working my ass off, many of those around me, who I relied on for comradery and support, were hellbent on bringing down any semblance of progress and community ethos. They were threatened by me and would stop at nothing to make me feel their misery.

Honesty and generosity of spirit were met with suspicion, manipulation, derision and at the lowest point, a straight-up smear campaign. Immature mean-girls, though grown women, who maintained control through whispers and relational aggression, grappling for any morsel of power they could steal.

Sure, there were specific ring leaders but behind them stood a dozen who never spoke up for the truth, simply turning a blind eye in hopes for potential scraps of social status.

This is Saturn at his most dysfunctional!!

It was a nightmare and not just for me. I saw one badass genuine person after another being torn to shreds by the spiteful and maliciously power hungry milieu that surrounded us.

Alright, fast forward a couple years. I’m still licking my wounds from the abuses I suffered at the hands of “my community,” but if I’m anything, it’s resilient. So, onward and upward! I am a member of another group, this time online and lo and behold—the exact same thing happens, only in reverse.

This go round, it’s the person in charge who’s the spiteful, malicious tyrant wearing a mask of indignant innocence. And let me tell you, the way this woman acted was RIDICULOUS. Always the victim. Gloom and doom around every corner. Publicly shaming, lying to and slandering member after member—myself included.

By this point, I was having my doubts. Was this my fault? Was I the problem? I was the common denominator in both scenarios. I was beginning to believe it was a flaw in my character.

Yeah, NO.

It was about this time I realized another function of Saturn is to make you doubt—yourself, your plan, your worth—UNTIL you fortify yourself against the crippling uncertainty AND the trifflin’ soul-suckers who come along to test your mettle there can be no real security.

I had to believe in myself against all the attacks. I couldn’t let them convince me of their lies ABOUT ME. That is the key.

Claiming your intrinsic value then strengthening your resolve is one of Saturn’s finest lessons.

Only after getting a good idea of how Saturn works have I come to understand individuals act this way because they themselves are drowning in fear and insecurity. Every positive step forward looks like a threat to them—they feel left behind. They do not recognize the benevolence in the world, only its cruelty.

So, in their cynical stagnation, they work to pull others down to their level OR actively keep them from breeching their lofty perch. I’ve seen it from both ends—they are ultimately the same person.

What’s that old stand-by cliché? Hurt people, hurt others.


During retro-action, Saturn’s extremes will be thrust to the forefront of our inner dialogue. We are metaphorically retracing the planet’s steps through our lives. We will inadvertently be reminded of the circumstances that went beautifully correct or tragically wrong along the Saturnian spectrum.

We each have Saturn somewhere in our natal and he is currently transiting a sector of our charts. Group dynamics is the 11th House karma—each house has it own trials and tribulations.

Where are yours?

Who are the ankle biters in your neck of the woods?

Who are the petty tyrants bent on self-preservation at ALL costs?

How do you shore up your life against them?

How do you bolster your resolve?

Or are you the cornered terrified soul lashing out at the world?


4 thoughts on “ankle biters and dirty, rotten authority figures—saturn retrograde—march 13th – august 2nd

  1. Gigi N. says:

    Really interesting! I’m also virgo and I have saturn in the 12 house -.- I’m new to this but I would love if you could interpret/explain more. Thanks!


    • Lona says:

      Sure. Saturn in the 12th would most likely have you experiencing the good and bad in large institutions such as hospitals, prisons—doctors, law enforcement, etc.
      12H Saturn could possibly point to you dealing with some pretty intense situations with addiction and addicts.
      Not that YOU will go to prison or become addicted, per se—this position could very well mean people you interact with do and are.
      Since this is the “house of the soul,” the futility of attempting to nail a solid structure to something as infinitely intangible as a ‘soul’ will be a lifelong trial.
      Possible abuses (or triumphs, too!) by members of a spiritual community could play a part in your life. Or point to a personal insecurity, doubt and fear when it comes to the issues of religion and spirituality.
      As for being Virgo—your highest expression is the desire to work toward holistic health in every area of life—we are blindsided when people don’t share our penchant for this pursuit.
      And then there is the interaction between Saturn and the rest of your chart that will intensify, mutate or soften all of the above.

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