the vanguard sets out—super new moon/vernal equinox/total solar eclipse—march 20th

warwickgobleWell, to say the Heavens have a lot going on tomorrow is an understatement.

Beautifully rare to have a super moon eclipse on the day of an equinox!

It all amounts to a potent time to set intentions—this time not just for a month but for the season and whole damn year!

Here’s a chronological list of all that happens:

  • ∼4AM – 8AM EST: a Total Solar Eclipse occurs that can been seen over parts of Europe, Africa, etc.
  • ∼5:30AM EST: the SuperMoon New Moon occurs at 29º Pisces
  • ∼2:00PM EST: the Aries Moon trines Sagittarius SaturnRx at 4º
  • ∼6:45PM EST: the Spring Equinox occurs as the Sun ingresses into Aries

During the length of the day, Taurus Venus approaches her inconjunct with SaturnRx and Pisces Mercury, his with Leo JupiterRx. Both of which perfect on Saturday.

And of course, the Uranus/Pluto square is still holding strong at 15º.

Alright. Let me parse the pieces of this special day—

First, the Eclipse and New Moon.

Eclipses are heightened periods of time. They come in pairs, one at a New Moon and one at a Full Moon—roughly two weeks apart. Then another pair comes roughly six months later to ‘answer’ to the first dyad. There are usually four a year.

Many in the esoteric arts believe the intentions set during an eclipse lends tremendous weight to your wishes. Today and tomorrow set up the specifics that could manifest in the next half year. Couple that with this being a Super New Moon at the powerful anaretic 29th degree and well, it just speaks to mind-boggling strength and influence.

New Moons combine the Sun with the Moon—the conscious align with the unconscious. Inner and outer worlds working in unison. Pisces is the final sign. The end of the cycle. The final say of the Universe before the whole sequence begins again. One final push of last year’s dreams out into the infinite to meet this new year’s desires.

All the energetic remnants of the previous zodiacal rotation reaching a perfect Piscean pinnacle to dissolve like nourishing raindrops on newly planted ground. Tumultuous and pure.

Luckily, by afternoon tomorrow, Luna will be in easy aspect with the taskmaster, Saturn. This interaction lends emotional common sense to a day active with impulsive vitality.

Then on to evening, the Sun ingresses to Aries and Spring is ushered in!! Equal parts sunlight and moonshine. The leveling of Winter with the reborn boom of potential.

Aries initiates and creates. The Sun in the first sign focuses us to act on our creative drives, competing towards the realization of new endeavors. Fire put to use by the body. Little time is spent in the mind—does a seed think about becoming a flower? It just simply grows into its place in the world.

Impatience and self-centeredness are negatives to ward against—unless it is time to take the reigns and put yourself FIRST! Finally!

Again, due the fact that sooooo much about climatic cluminations and shiny beginnings goes down tomorrow it would be wise to make a list—yes, physically put it to paper—of what you want to have done by September, when the second pair of eclipses occur or by next year’s Vernal Equinox.

Who do you want to become physically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively?

Get it good and solid on paper. Then squirrel that list away and forget about it.

Now, go meet the Universe halfway!

Happy Spring!!!


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