nobody said it was gonna be easy—march 21st thru 24th

Mikalojus_Konstantinas_Ciurlionis_-_CREATION_OF_THE_WORLD_IX_-_1905_-_6_VarsuvaWell, straight off the heals of yesterday’s glide into Spring, today we are faced with a bit of a reality check.

For the weekend into the week, Venus and Mercury will be put through the paces.

Venus is how we relate and bond—what we value. Mercury is our mind and communication style—how we learn. These are the areas of concentration for the next couple.

First, Taurus Venus begins her I/O/Q cycle with Sagittarius SaturnRX today at 4º.  This tense aspect creates a low-level feeling of self-consciousness, possibly about our values (Sagittarius) or even our physical looks and social relationships (Taurus). How we manage money and resources, too, may pop up.

Wherever Taurus is in our chart’s, we want the “good life”. The stable passions of a Fire Saturn can make it so. Fire is uncomfortable for Earth—so an adjustment (inconjunct) of perspective is needed.


Instead, of melancholy—tap into Saturnine discipline. The willingness to see your strengths in tandem with your failings, but not  give more weight to later, is vital. Sagittarius SaturnRx wants veracity above all—tell the truth about yourself and your circumstances!

Pisces Mercury exacts his last quincunx with Leo JupiterRx today, too. This one is easier to stomach and it probably will help you with Venus/Saturn.

Leo in Jupiter is happy and can bring sunshine to the most drab of affairs—let him. Think your way out of feeling a failure (or that someone else in your circle is). Pisces is infinite compassion. Forgive joyously. Yourself most of all.

Tomorrow, the 22nd, our Messenger God sextiles Capricorn Pluto. Pisces Mercuy “thinks” through intuition. Pluto is eerily accurate about the undercurrents of human nature and our motivations. If something in your milieu is amiss, you will most certainly feel it. With aid of Plutonian willpower, you can get to the marrow of that bone and pick it clean. Just don’t forget to implement Piscean leniency.

And Tuesday, sees our two worker bees hard at it again.

Venus sextiles Pisces Neptune at 8º, while Mercury conjuncts Pisces Chiron at 18º.

remember that “good life” Taurus needs and expects. Well, sometimes getting there requires a change in attitude about what causes us grief. If we are to believe the clichés—what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger. And brings us closer—to our cohorts and our destinies.

It will be a lovely, but also painful day—attracting wishes come true but the painful memory of what cripples us. Expressing what got us through our dark nights of the soul—words that could give others a glimmer of hope, will come easily, where before it was impossible to put into earthly words. Mercy and healing solidifying into the building blocks of our current dreams.

The work to manifest intentions set for the coming months starts NOW.

Messy and beautiful. So worth it.


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