honing your craft—mars in taurus—march 31 – may 11

Mars has left the sign he rules, Aries.

Burne-Jones-Third-Day-of-CreationMany have been running amok—going here and there—just moving to move, shedding old Winter skins for a lighter, shinier outfit.

Battle ready but desperate for purpose. All this energy and these ideas—ughhhh, no place to go!

Unfocused Mars Aries.

Well, the Warrior has now moved into Taurus.

Taurus is the Bull—the Fixed Earth sign—things now will become far more practical and “focus” for focus’ sake will be a sight bit easier to embody.

With his ingress to the second sign, the Warrior joins Venus in her own sign, her own realm. He mutates himself to her function and form. He champions the ideals she holds supreme—this means our modus operandi will become thankfully a lot more easy going, too.

The wildfire of Aries becomes the hearth fire of Taurus.

Only the most sensual of things will pique his interest. Music, food, drink, smell, touch—rich, full, consuming.

When Mars is in the sign of the of the stubborn Bull, he only does what he loves—IF he desires it, he will want to have it again and again and again and again. But, if there is no desire, there will be NO motion. (Keep that in mind.)

Though. once he gets going, little can stop him (read: nothing).  Hours can be spent in repetitive practice. He finds pleasure in the steady cadence of a pattern, a schedule, a set agenda.

Slow and precise and intense.

Otherwise, he is content to sit among the daisies.


For the rest of us, if you have designs on a craft or hobby, this energy can give a forward thrust to perfect it. A month and a half of incredible, DETERMINED motivation—but only for that which lights us up. If it isn’t a passion—don’t f’in bother!

Hands, eyes, ears, voices aflame with the impetus for beauty.  Again and again and again and again and again—sublime duplication toward an ideal.

No pursuit to obsess into mastery—seek and recognize the abundance and opulence in the everyday.

Remember, the hunger for exorbitant fortune IS an exorbitant fortune.


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