week ahead—grounding balance—april 13th – 16th

Our upcoming week shows extra emphasis on the talents of the Earth element—which is great, cuz we’re gonna need it!Friedrich-Caspar-David-ZZZ-The-Rock-Gates-in-Neurathen

For the week, the waning Moon will spend her time in Aquarius then Pisces.

While here, there is potential to get swept away with “out there” excitable daydreams and/or painful, unrealistic emotional dramas.

Uh oh.

But not likely. Let me explain.

We start the week similar to yesterday—Uranus/Pluto square still in effect, as well as the Mars/Neptune sextile. We are also getting accustomed to Venus now in Gemini.


And Tuesday sees Mercury leave Aries for Venus ruled, Taurus.


The God of Communication will now be in mutual reception with the Goddess of Love, since they both are in signs the other rules. Under these circumstances, the two are fast friends and complement one another, nicely. A pleasant tit for tat.

Mercury’s time in Taurus signals a shift from passionate Aries to excessive rumination on all our basic security needs—physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc. (And let’s be serious, Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign, the worries are mostly financial!!)

I’ll post more on this later.

Anyway, Aries to Taurus indicates the exchange of hot-headed, erratic Fire for level-headed, stable Earth.

Perfect counter to an Uranian Moon

Then on Wednesday, just in time for the said Moon to move into the fantastical depths of Watery Pisces, Gemini Venus opposes Sagittarius Saturn Rx at 4°.

Gemini is a very young and self-absorbed area of the zodiac. (Recklessly oversimplified, Aries through Virgo are the babies, while Libra through Pisces are the adults.) So, when old man Saturn evens out freshman newbie Venus with the opposition, it lends stability and integrity to Aphrodite’s flitting and fluttering about in characteristically Geminian style.

All the better, since, a Pisces Moon can get crippled under the weight with remeberance of millenia of emotional DNA. Dear sweet hearts.

Balance regained.


So, once again on Thursday, Saturn funnels some “adult” energy to Taurus Mercury with the first inconjunct in their I/O/Q cycle. This “hand up” is quite subtler than the previous day’s opposition to Venus, but it will still be very useful.

Sagittarius gifts Taurus Mercury with bold, adventurous energy. All the Taurean worry about what may be lurking around the corner and “wouldn’t it be better if I just stayed put here, where I’m at, right now, safe and sound?” can get relaxed a bit as wise Saturn reassures that everything will be OK, with a solid plan.

Earth bolstering Earth under awkward circumstances.

Alright,folks, for every opportunity this week to get lost in  some unrealistic messy fairy tale, there is also the chance to shore up all angles like a big girl or big boy Boss.

Have at it!


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