may 3rd—scorpio full moon—courting the dark side

William-Blake-Jerusalem-Plate-100-Art-ProjectJust before midnight tonight, the Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun for Beltane’s Full Flower Moon.

Beltane. Half way through Spring—that time in the cycle when all is locked in, FIXED and thriving.

Or is it?

Springtime is lovely and Taurus is abundant—budding flowers, warmth, soft breezes and green, green grass. But what of the darker impulses that come out when least convenient and most unexpected? When everything is so perfect?

Even though the sun is shining and the birds are chirping—the underbelly could be awash with parasites—quite literally or metaphysically.

Scorpio, as the Bull’s other half, reminds us that not all is as it appears—sometimes the nastiness of life is just beyond the door and the lock is about to burst.  There is no where to hide!!

What of those base desires and evil compulsions we all dance with? What of the selfish instincts that attack first for no other reason than to feel the rush of power? What of the soul infections we contract by disregarding the warning signs of dis-ease? What of the myriad dying journeys, big and small, we all must travel, willingly or no, honorably or shamefully?

Gemini Mercury (thinking) is still in opposition with Sagittarius Saturn Rx (truth) for this lunation—so, some fundamental questions leap to mind in the vein of a Scorpio Moon:

Do we ignore these compulsions and instincts, hoping they go away on their own? Praying the rot somehow rights itself?

Should they be confronted head-on and annihilated with expediency? Amputating any and all offending members of the corpus?

Do we throw our hands in the air and surrender, trusting any and all past deeds lend a bit of mercy in the current moment? Curling up into a corner, to weep away the tumultuous storm?

Would it rather be best to flirt and tease the unsightly tendencies into a funny pretzel of loose containment?

Or just simply go full-bore with our innate natures—giving no fucks about anyone but #1?

Once we truly see what is lurking, what then is there to do? Who hurts, who pays, who is left with the garbage?

And when we’ve gotten our heads and hearts around our own messes, what pray tell happens when we are confronted with the obsessive tangles of others? Exposed secrets of intimate squalor? Hmmm?

As they oppose, the Sun and Moon will also square Leo Jupiter creating a Fixed T-square. Persistent and unyielding are the players in tonight’s drama.  13° Aquarius will be the sight of salvation for the obligatory evisceration. The themes of this house are where redemption and rebirth will be found.

So, this evening, amist the beauty of Taurean Springtime, the Scorpio Moon dregs the bottoms of our psyches releasing the toxic silt and debris. Only then can the work of reclamation begin.

Rarely pleasant but necessary.

Happy Beltane!!!!


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