tools for the vulnerability—gemini mercury retrograde—may 18th – june 11th

girl-readingSo, Mercury is retrograde again. And again in an Air sign.

The usual is to be expected—unexpected communication, technical, logistical, mechanical glitches.

But the bigger picture of every Mercury retrograde (and this one especially, I feel, since the Messenger God rules Gemini!!!) is a need for each one of us to get good and comfortable with three huge lessons—patience, resolve and faith.

The patience to sit still while things fall a little apart. The resolve to try again in a few minutes. The faith that whatever mess is made can surely be cleaned up.

Easy to write and read; harder to practice, yeah? Well, our Mutable Air sign isn’t leaving us completely vulnerable. Nope, we get presents!!!!

With Gemini we are given the gift of adaptability.

So, we want to zig, but the universe demands we zag; OK, we zag!

With Gemini we are given the gift of curiosity.

As the monkey wrenches stall all forward momentum, thrusting extra wait-time in our laps, we are bid to open our eyes and survey the wonder around we would have certainly missed otherwise. Entire new directions can be found sitting idly by our sleeves, desperate for discovery.

With Gemini we are given the gift of articulation. (I realize this one’s a tad bit ironic but it exemplifies the maddening dual nature of the Twins.)

If communications falter, we can meet the fallout with childlike openness—wide-eyed and honest and a vocabulary the envy of the Gods, to mend broken alliances and soothe ruffled feathers. Words rarely fail Gemini, even under a retrograde.


About a month of  this, ya’ll—from the 13° back to the 4°. Don’t forget, though, if we take the shadow into account, we have been working with this energy for awhile.

Resistance is definitely futile and honestly, I think it sounds kinda fun.


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