care for some leo?—venus in the sign of the lion—june 5th – oct. 8th

If Leo isn’t your cup of tea, well, then I don’t know what to tell you, ’cause we’ve got lots of the Lion for the whole Summer and on into Fall!!

Lady-Lilith-Dante-Gabriel-RossettiYep, on Friday, the 5th, Venus left Cancer for Leo, where she will stay for the long haul, ya’ll—remaining in the 5th sign until this time come October! This area of your chart is going to be ablaze.

Wow! Just wow! Four months, people. FOUR! MONTHS!

And that is kinda how she will manifest—dramatic flare a’raging, capital letters and all.

Lady Aphrodite in Fixed Fire is big! BIG!

Big smiles, big hair, big egos, big hearts, big laughter, big drama!!!


Most can guess that Leo Venus LOVES the spotlight and craves attention. She wants to look good and more importantly, she wants you to recognize!

She demands respect and I pity the fool who steps on her pride! BUT, if the mood so strikes, she can be surprisingly magnanimous when slighted.

And it’s not all about looks and ego, either. She is the tender-hearted momma lion, who champions the vulnerable and thrives on the giggles of children. Lady Leo is generous to a fault and vehemently loyal to those she holds dear.

She is a Queen of the Zodiac, sitting regal and dignified, surveying her beloved empire. She can harness the creative powers of individual expression and explode beauty back into the world! She is a blast of summer sunshine to chase away the chill of cloudy days.

Lady Leo is beautiful inside AND out!!

And boy, can she throw a party.

It’s gonna be a bitchin’ Summer!!!

Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

  • 6/5—Venus enters Leo
  • mid-June—sextiles Mercury; inconjuncts Neptune and Pluto
  • beginning of July—she conjuncts Jupiter; inconjuncts Chiron; trines Uranus
  • mid-July—squares Saturn
  • 7/19—moves into Virgo
  • 7/25—goes Retro at 0°46′ Virgo
  • 7/31—returns to Leo
  • beginning August—conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury; squares Saturn
  • mid-August—conjuncts the Sun; trines Uranus
  • beginning September—conjuncts Mars
  • 9/6—goes Direct at 14° 23′ Leo
  • mid-September—sextiles Mercury; trines Uranus; inconjuncts Chiron
  • 10/8—back into Virgo
  • 10/9—clears the retrograde shadow

I’ll delve deeper into her retrograde cycle as it comes that time.

Enjoy the sunshine, folks!


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