tarot tales: Strength VIII

I actually drew Strength months ago at the Aquarius New Moon, but never felt compelled to get a post out on it. Well, I think this is the story I have been dragging my feet to finally tell.


Strength VIII

  • Major Arcana—understanding, exercising and choosing ‘soft power’
  • astrology: Leo
  • numerology: eight
  • basic themes: love over hate, courage, triumph, dominance over negative forces, bridge between spirit and body



Ivan came to us last Spring.

His is a story of ‘soft power’.

He has been missing since May 18th.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2014, I went to feed the cats and discovered a new ‘meow’ coming from the barn. It belonged to a gorgeous black tomcat, no doubt abandoned recently off the highway near the farm. He was handsome and sweet but timid, though within days, he readily let me pet him.

He eventually got the name Ivan. I got him fixed and welcomed him into the fold.

0102151706aHe was lovely.

Last year, I left the farm for the Summer and was gone well into the Fall. I thought of Ivan a lot. Mostly about how he would adjust—assimilating into a feral cat colony is like finding your niche in a maximum security prison system. Not easy on the best of days.

But when I returned, I was amazed.

He had gained close to 10 lbs.—so, healthy. He was coming inside at night, where he snuggled and loved on many of the ‘originals’. He and another stray, Stanley, developed an especially close bond and would sleep together in a tiny cat bed sometimes. Adorable. I don’t know that he ever got into a fight with another cat.

He fit right in. Effortless.

He would leap and hang on the porch screen door to be let in at night. He was super finnicky about where he got his water. He would sometimes get lost in the shadows, asleep, while I tried to locate him. His favorite spot was curled up in a large bowl on the table. He became part of a trio—2 black kitties and a white one, my dad nicknamed the ‘oreo cookie’.

Ivan had made the transition from outsider to insider in less than 6 months!!

Let me impress that this is no small accomplishment. Some of the farm cats NEVER relax and gain the serenity to ever be more than skiddish angry nervous wrecks. Ivan was different. I was so proud of the small role I had played in his thriving. I was so proud of him.

So, yes, he has been gone almost a month. Yes, I have done everything I can think of to locate him. Yes, I have made and passed out flyers. Yes, I have registered with animal shelters in my area in case he is picked up. Yes, I have searched the fields and woods, with an eye out for buzzards and terrible smells, to find his body so I can bring him home. Yes, I have a few theories as to what may have happened that are irrelevant to this post. Yes, I am worried sick, but my gut tells me he isn’t dead.

All I know is, wherever he is, he is going to be ok. He will survive and thrive, not by force but by gentle, powerful, strength and charm. He is a lucky little bastard. He will adapt and find love. I know it.

Love you, Mr. Bo-Bivan. Godspeed.


arrival transits

  • Cancer Jupiter square Aries Uranus
  • Cancer Jupiter inconjunct Pisces Venus
  • Saturn retrograde in Scorpio

departure transits

  • pile up in Gemini—Moon/Mars/Mercury
  • Capricorn Pluto Rx quincunx Leo Jupiter
  • Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius

One thought on “tarot tales: Strength VIII

  1. Herb says:

    ok I’ve been trying very hard to find this particular card or at least one very similar to it . I used this deck around 1990.. I would appreciate any help in locating this deck. Thank You.


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