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0201112122In the 6th grade, I did a report on the zodiac.  Although I bombed that assignment, I have been hooked ever since.  It is nothing short of an obsession.

Hitchhiking across the US numerous times made me an excellent map reader.  And astrologers are basically map readers, after all.

I have shared the gift of astrology with friends and family for well on 15 years now.  Those moments of epiphany crossing my dear ones’ faces are some of the happiest instances of my life.

Both my Sun and Moon reside in the truth-seeking 11th House and I am Pluto rising—I call it like I see it.

My 12th House is packed, so the collective unconscious is my playground.  Jupiter sits large and in charge in my 8th House, forcing the crevices of the psyche open—deep and wide.

Chiron and my Sun are ‘two-two buddies’ as my Dad says of easy friends—the more I am able to bolster others, the more my own scars begin to fade.

Welcome . . .



(I track the transiting Moon through my natal chart on an adjacent blog: notesfrom—lona.tumblr.com)

3 thoughts on “about me

  1. Barbara says:

    Found your glorious light, and what incredible timing. At the time of the year’s winter solstice. Exactly. The portal just opened…and there you were with all your splendor, heart and intellect. Thank you so much, Lona.

    Peace, Love, and harmony,

    Natal/Birth loc: 93W14, 38n42; 03:56 02/26/57

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