tarot tales: Strength VIII

I actually drew Strength months ago at the Aquarius New Moon, but never felt compelled to get a post out on it. Well, I think this is the story I have been dragging my feet to finally tell.


Strength VIII

  • Major Arcana—understanding, exercising and choosing ‘soft power’
  • astrology: Leo
  • numerology: eight
  • basic themes: love over hate, courage, triumph, dominance over negative forces, bridge between spirit and body



Ivan came to us last Spring.

His is a story of ‘soft power’.

He has been missing since May 18th.

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tarot tales: the Empress

This past New Moon in Taurus, I drew the Empress for the the next installment to Tarot Tales.

Precisely fitting!!


The Empress III

  • Major Arcana—Earth Mother; the anima; Demeter; the Corn Woman
  • astrology: Venus, Taurus & Libra
  • numerology: three
  • basic themes: femininity, abundance, fertility, healing, feeling, love, productivity, generative forces, protectiveness



The last years of my twenties were spent living in a three storey communal punk house.  Man, that sounds so nice. But it was a nightmare! (You already guessed that, right?)

I won’t go into how it was awful—I’ll save that for other cards. No, I want to concentrate on something that was magnificent! This is about the Empress afterall, yes?

When I moved in, the tiny backyard was overrun with hip deep weeds. Where the weeds weren’t growing—tenants past had changed their car’s oil straight onto the ground! There were 4 feet wide hardened/slimy oil slicks in at least three different areas. There was trash everywhere.

It was a mess!


Didn’t matter, though! I wanted a garden soooo bad and I was gonna have a garden. All my housemates were busy with other things, so my partner and I spent the Summer clearing out all the huge scrap metal and weeds and debris.  We put in a fire pit and compost bins. I fashioned flower pots from abandoned tires and made trellises from old bed frames.

I made it lovely.

Then the next Spring, I started seedlings and while they grew, we gathered up scrap wood and made raised beds. We kept and sold aluminum cans for money to get good quality soil. It took a year of planning and working but we got it done.

I was so proud. This was my first attempt at growing things on this scale, where I was ultimately responsible. I was worried I would be crap at it, but nope—it was awesome!

The whole process was beautiful. I would water my thriving garden every other day, if it hadn’t rained—a quietly potent meditation. The house’s compost went back into the veggies I grew for us all to eat. Even the ground somewhat healed from the abuse it had suffered beforehand. I showed neighborhood kids where food came from and they ate their fill on snowpeas and cherry tomatoes right off the vine.

We ate okra and squash and radishes and all sorts of yummy veggies. We had fresh herbs and flowers. We even had a watermelon one year—no small feat for Minnesota!! The butterflies and bees danced among the morning glory blooms and the squirrels stole my tomatoes!! When the harvest was in in late Summer/Fall, I made pickle relish, canned tomatoes and peppers, dried herbs, saved seeds for the following year and on and on.

I had myself a phenomenal garden for four great years!!

From trash to treasure. The bounty was endless.

In the decade since, my need to nurture and grow things has taken other forms, but that garden will forever be a source of joy and pride!!!




  • Jupiter crossed AC; conjuncting natal Pluto, Uranus, North Node, Neptune, IC
  • Neptune opposite natal Moon
  • first Saturn return
  • Saturn transit 11H into 12H
  • Saturn conjunct natal Moon, Sun, Venus
  • Chiron opposite natal Saturn
  • Uranus opposite natal Venus


  • progressed Moon from Leo to Scorpio
  • Sun moved from Virgo to Libra
  • progressed AC conjunct North Node
  • packed 12H—Pluto, Mars, Venus, Moon, North Node, Uranus


tarot tales: the Page of Swords

This past Sunday was my paternal Grandma’s 101st birthday. She has been gone 9 years now, but all the same. I had a feeling my next tarot story would be about her and sure enough . . .



Page of Swords

  • Minor Arcana—intellectual/immature energy
  • astrology: the Air signs
  • numerology:
  • basic themes: messenger of challenge and an opportunity for growth


I was always upsetting her. Of course, I was a willful child, rebellious and sassy.

She was from a very different time—we had little in common.

She came of age during the Depression; I am a child of the 80’s and teen of the 90’s.

Different as different could be.

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tarot tales: the Moon


This is what’s going on.

So, to kick off this endeavor, the very first card drawn is—

The Moon XVIII

  • Major Arcana—feminine/goddess energy
  • astrology: Cancer, Pisces
  • numerology: 18, 9
  • basic themes: imagination, psychic development, unforeseen changes, things aren’t always what they seem


February. Mid-twenties—temperature and age.

It was a Thursday evening about 9:45 PM.

Walking with a close friend, on our way to cheap pitchers at the bar. All bundled up. Thankful for the stretches of shoveled sidewalk, gingerly crunching through the bits that no one had bothered with. Head down, checking for icy spots.

It was quite far, walking, from our houses to the destination, so we had plenty of time to shoot the shit.  Conversation always sounds different through cold air, covered ears and multiple layers.

I had spent the last year having fun. Traveling Europe—one punk festival to the next, living with friends, working part-time but making more than enough, weeks packed with basement shows and house parties.

Life was good, really frikkin’ good, but I was in so much pain.

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introducing TAROT TALES

Vintage-People-Clip-Art-0162015 sees me beginning a new series of posts.

Each will detail a personal tale relating to one of the Major or Minor Arcana—until I get through all 78 of ’em!

Here’s how it works—after drawing a card, researching its symbols and themes, I will post an anecdote from my life I think falls in line with what the card has to tell us.

This process will be random and very subjective—whichever card comes up will be the one that needs to. I will, of course, dovetail astrology into each story where ever necessary.

I hope to maintain a cadence of once or twice a month for these blogs. Yep, this means a 3-4 year project!

Your own stories relating to each drawn card will be very, very welcome in the comments.

I am very excited about this new endeavor.

First installment coming soon . . .