0201112112Though no one can see but glimpses of the future, astrology helps you see where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you could be going.  Each consultation I provide will be completely personalized.  It will be tailor made for you and only you.

Once the fee is paid, I will have your customized reading to you via e-mail within one business week (5 business days).  All information is kept absolutely 100% confidential.

how it works:

  • pick a reading
  • pay for the reading via paypal
  • e-mail me at with your birth date, exact time and birth location
  • also, in this e-mail, give me as much information about you and your situation as possible.  With more information, I can start at a deeper level and go further.
  • if you opt for the e-mail conversation, it will begin at a mutually agreed upon time and go for about an hour

what I offer:

natal reading:  $10

In this reading, I will give a description of astrologically who you are, what your needs are, how you meet them, how you impact the world, what your biggest fears could be, where your biggest strengths lie and what direction you could head for the healthiest future.

year ahead reading:  $15

This reading will show you what areas of life will be at the forefront for the coming year.  I will highlight tools you could employ to make the most of the 12 months ahead and go over possible obstacles, as well.

love reading: $15

Similar to the year ahead reading, the love forecast will provide you with what the next 12 months may hold for your relationship status—whether single and looking, happily coupled or on the rocks.

relationship reading: $20

Here, I will analyze you and your mate’s  needs, wants, fears and drives to determine compatibility and pinpoint areas of strength and weakness.  This does not have to be between romantic partners, it very well could be parent/child, boss/employee, brother/sister, etc.

e-mail conversation: $25

This conversation via e-mail will be a back and forth on any subject you like from finances, family, romance to career, providing you with what your stars are saying in regard to the subject.


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Don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.

I look forward to working with you.


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