aquarius mars opposite leo jupiter—new year’s eve

Well, folks, New Year’s Eve coincides with the Leo Jupiter Rx/Aquarius Mars opposition!

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-038The ringing in of 2015 will be extravagant, if not in decor and pomp, then certainly in drama and spectacle.

Think ostentatious and rash.

Oh, yeah and fueled by alcohol.

If you are ready to let your hair down, then this Wednesday will be a fine time to shine.

Yep, the Leo/Aquarius axis is party central—there are no other signs of the zodiac who love their friends more. Nor any other two who want to paint the town red every chance they get. Social is their lifeblood.

The only thing that could make this a more powerful (read: drunken debaucherous) evening is if the King of Planets weren’t retrograding at the moment, but maybe that’s the blessed ‘brakes’ that save many of us from disaster.


Take care of yourselves and each other.

Be safe and have fun!

Happy New Year.


december 20th—solstice eve 2014: part 3

twobeautifulladiesinaforestThis is my third and final installment breaking down the busy day before the New Moon/Solstice which occurs this Sunday, December 21st.

And boy howdy, is this Saturday loaded for bear!!

Catch up, if you like:

Pluto/Uranus Square,  Part 1 and Part 2.

For this post, I will concentrate on the roles the lovely Sagittarius Moon and Capricorn Venus are playing for the weekend.

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december 20th—solstice eve 2014: part 2

So, Mars moved into Aquarius on the 5th. But our dear Warrior has not contacted another planet (except the ever moving Moon) in major aspect since sextiling Saturn from Capricorn on December 1st.

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-037Twenty days!! That’s a long time, people.

Well, all of that is about to change and in a radical kinda way!!

This is Part 2 of my series on the build up to this year’s Winter Solstice, that is also the Capricorn New Moon, going down this Sunday, the 21st.

You can catch up with Part 1 right here, where I discussed Mercury, Neptune and Saturn’s status for the weekend.

Ok, so the God of War has been a lone wolf for almost 3 weeks, save an occasional visit from Luna.

On the  20th, all that changes.

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december 17th—thoughts toward Cappy praxis

The sign of Capricorn is heating up just in time for the spectacular Winter Solstice/New Moon on the 21st!!

Venus ingressed to the sign of the Goat last Wednesday and this week it is Mercury’s turn.

Florence-Mary-Anderson-Illustration-024Even dear Mars in Aquarius shares an affinity with all planets transiting the 10th sign in the fact that Saturn used to be the 11th sign’s ruler too, way back when.

So, on the 17th, the Winged Messenger will move from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

From Mutable Fire to Cardinal Earth.

With this change, thoughts and communication will get a bit more serious, some of the jolly will be replaced with rational thoughts of holiday budgets and proper decorum.

Ah yes, but the flip side is Mercury will team with Venus to give each of us the perfect tools to create or simply carry on the seasonal traditions that make this time of year so meaningful.

Yes, Capricorn is the sign of tradition and steadfast cultural mores. He gets greatest satisfaction by building upon the past. Remembering our histories and respecting our collective customs make the Goat’s heart flutter.

All the little things we do this time of year simply because someone older did them when we were growing up are the requisite Cappy fodder.

Don’t resist it—the Sagittarius party is coming to an end.  The Saturnine need to hunker down and horde time honored habits and ways of life is at hand.

‘Tis the Season.


december 10th—our composed lady on the hoof

Well, well, well, tomorrow, December 10th, at almost precisely Noon EST, Venus will be ingressing from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

Cardinal Earth.

How does the Planet of Love fare in this environment? And more importantly, how will WE fare with her here?

Honestly, I think she is perfect for this time of year.

She will help soothe the fiery bluntness of Sagittarius Sun and Mercury and lend a stabilizing force to the off-the-wall schemes of Aquarius Mars.

Venus is our planet of socializing and attraction. She (along with Luna) is our resident master of the feminine mysteries.

Her moving through the 10th sign of the Goat signals a desire to be in control. And, being ruled by Saturn, she intrinsically knows how to plan, organize and execute all the multitude of festivities happening right now.

Venus Capricorn is all business, but with the grace of femininity needed to soften the edges and create a jubilant ambiance.

Her recent journeys through Virgo and Libra give clue to how she will feel to us during her Capricorn stay.  The Goat has Virgo’s Earthy practicality, as well as Libra’s Cardinal nose for initiative.

It is the best of both worlds combined to help us juggle the wrapping presents and long commutes and endless decorating.  The disastrous changes of schedule and maddening family relations.

Aphrodite will remain in the 10th sign until January 3rd, so even New Year’s will be under her precise care.

She is a gift from the Heavens.  One that will potentially alleviate some of our holiday stress.


december 5th—our ‘get up and go’ gets rebellious

On Friday, December 5th, Mars will ingress into the 11th sign of Aquarius just in time for the Full Moon on the next night.

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-002Moving from a Cardinal to a Fixed sign.

Earth to Air.

The eleventh sign simply takes what the tenth sign began and molds it into sustainable brilliance. Projects initiated under Capricorn’s influence will now find truer stability under the Water-Bearer.

Our get up and go will be characterized by the unconventional rationale of Uranus. The more non-conformist a plan can be, the better.  The more of a humanitarian bent, the better.

Not only is this a Fixed sign—dependable and steadfast—but an Air sign, as well.

Think the mad professor that saves the day at the very last minute. Intellectual mastermind albeit scattered, but that’s merely the genius swirling about, ripe for the plucking.

We want to save the world!! With lightning bolts and science.

So, from now until nearly the middle of January, we get to don our do-gooder caps and work outrageous schemes.

Mars in your Aquarius house will light a quirky fire under your butt and it’s gonna show in that area of life.

Yep, the God of War’s tenure here will be interesting. Not until the 20th will he make a major aspect with any planet, save for the Moon goosing him periodically on her way round the circle.

That’s 2 full weeks unhindered.

Two blessed weeks of independence for a planet in a sign that revels in rebellious individuality!!!


And when he does finally interact it will be with his Water-Bearing ruler, Uranus.


Precisely how Aquarius rolls.