tarot tales: Strength VIII

I actually drew Strength months ago at the Aquarius New Moon, but never felt compelled to get a post out on it. Well, I think this is the story I have been dragging my feet to finally tell.


Strength VIII

  • Major Arcana—understanding, exercising and choosing ‘soft power’
  • astrology: Leo
  • numerology: eight
  • basic themes: love over hate, courage, triumph, dominance over negative forces, bridge between spirit and body



Ivan came to us last Spring.

His is a story of ‘soft power’.

He has been missing since May 18th.

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venus opposes jupiter—jan 19th

Monday, the 19th, Aquarius Venus opposes Leo Jupiter Rx at 20º.

4.2.7They formed their first inconjunct during Christmas Week last month and now it is Leo/Aquarius time. The opposition is Aphrodite’s purest meeting with the King of Planets in their I/O/Q cycle.

It is a fabulous precursor to the Leo Full Moon on February 3rd, since it highlights the energies of a Feminine (Venus/Moon) and Masculine (Jupiter/Sun) planet along the Fixed Fire/Air axis.

So, what does that mean for the beginning of our week?

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december 2nd—the Clauses have a date

Charles-Edward-Halle-Paolo-Band-FrancescaWell, as if things couldn’t get much happier in the Heavens, December 4th, the Goddess of Love and Attraction hooks up once again with Mr. Claus himself, Leo Jupiter!

Leo and Sagittarius couldn’t be more suited for pairing, each simply understands the other.

The houses of your chart blessed with this interaction will be ablaze with the feel-good vibes of Fire Benefics in easy aspect.

Jupiter and Venus love a good party and although this occurs on a Thursday, it lends an irrepressible joyous ambiance to whatever you find yourself doing.

Work or play, it’s gonna feel great!

It does not get better than this.


lady venus joins the king of planets

What does it mean when the two benefics unite in the sign of royalty?

Various-Vintage-Illustrations-004You’d think fireworks, but it threatens to actually be a pretty laid-back affair.

Venus and Jupiter conjunct on the 18th, at 7° of Leo.  Together, Jupiter and Venus are easy going.  They ooze kindness, optimism and generosity.  Leo loves the center stage but doesn’t mind an afternoon soaking up the sun.  And, yep, things can become too self-indulgent with this regal pair, so look out if you happen to have a sweet tooth.

To intensify matters, around dawn, the transiting Moon will sextile the two from Gemini.  If  you have the day off, chillaxing with a good book will satisfy this Moon/Venus/Jupiter, nicely.  At worst, if you are a 9-5er, it might be hard to get to work on this Monday morning, since this energy could make lazy daisies out of us all.  Think big jungle cats lounging in the smoldering shade on the sub-Sahara. Nothin’s gonna budge them, if they ain’t ready.

Oh and before I forget, the Greater and Lesser Benefic will also be making an inconjunct configuration with retrograde Neptune in Pisces.  This could add confusing haziness to the laziness or if integrated on the positive, utter transcendence.

But mostly, this aspect is going to just feel undemanding in a good-hearted way according to whichever house it falls in your chart.

For me, the Goddess of Love and King of the Gods will be coupling in my 10th House, but will conjunct my natal Saturn.  This alters the effect quite a bit.  So, a balancing act between big career plans, tempered by realistic goals will be in order.

As long as the coffee keeps us functioning, it should be a very pleasant, relaxed day and a wonderful, albeit slow, start to the week.


attraction gets the spotlight

On August 12th, Venus ingresses from Cancer to Leo joining the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.

Tons of flirty Leo dramatics in the air.

While in Cancer, we had an opportunity to nurture the area of life (i.e. the house in your natal chart) touched by the Goddess of Love.  As she moves into Leo this week, we get to bring vitality, creativity, fun and childlike exuberance to this house and/or the succeeding one.  No other sign demands attention like Leo, so wherever this is going down in your life prepare to give due consideration.

To utilize Venus, it helps to understand what  she represents. She rules attraction and attractiveness.  She is magnetism. Her placement in the natal describes what we are attracted to and how we attract others. By transit, when she moves through an area of an astrological chart, the chance to draw energy to the workings of that house is stimulated. She is associated with money, resources of all types (financial and relational), self-esteem, beauty and love.  Along with Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Neptune, she is known as a benefic planet. She is lucky.

For example, I have a Cancer/Leo 10th House, so Venus is there right now and has been for weeks.  The 10th House is about career, status and public reputation.  In July, while Venus was in Cancer transiting my 10th, I started this blog (birth=Cancer) and have been nurturing it along.  Now that Venus is moving to Leo, which is also partly in my 10th House (I use the Placidus house system), I get to bring the aforementioned creativity to my work here, an extra boost at least.

But this is just my chart. Everyone has a different area that is affected by Venus changing signs.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there, folks. While she travels through the sign of Leo until early September, Venus is going to make contacts with other heavenly bodies that will further stimulate things, specifically Jupiter, also in Leo, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries.

Lots of action.

I will post on these events as they arise.

Where are you feeling lucky?