in love with love—venus conjunct neptune—feb1st

Warwick-Goble-Vintage-Illustration-050February begins with an unquestionably beautiful event.

Ethereal Venus and the infinite waters of Neptune will conjunct at 6º Pisces.

Neptune is known as the Higher Octave of lovely Venus. While the God of the Sea rules Pisces, the Goddess of Love is exalted in the sign of the Fishes. Venus rules personal love and Neptune rules universal love.

What the above amounts to is tomorrow’s meeting will be one of effortless allure. Even life’s most jagged edges will smooth before our eyes.

Together, they portend an exquisite opportunity to swim in romantic fantasy with the ones you wouldn’t want to live without.

Take an evening’s hiatus from the slog of weekend duties. Forget any planning. These energies work best straight from the hip.

Go on an impromptu adventure—share a sinful dinner, sip wine, catch a movie, laugh, touch . . .

Whatever lovers do, tomorrow will beg us to partake.

Do enjoy.


mercury rx sextile uranus/south node—jan 27th

On his way backward through Aquarius, Mercury Retrograde is meeting up with Aries Uranus conjunct the South Node, Tuesday, the 27th, Lovely-Vintage-Illustration-Clip-Art-055when the three sextile at the 13º.

The last time this occurred was two weeks ago on the 13th, though that time Hermes was conjunct Venus.

This time, the Messenger God flies solo.

Mercury and Uranus together in Air and Fire, respectively, speak to inspired genius. Expect brilliance to flow effortlessly.

The addition of the Uranus + South Node requires a radical roll call of what should be brought with us into our future and, more importantly, what should be left triumphantly in our past.

Mercury gets squared my the Taurus Moon Tuesday, as well. Take all the above and add a little extra dose of worry and emotional restlessness to the mix.

One down side to the whole mash-up is the Uranian tendency to forget to look before he leaps, but the intrinsic introspective logic of Retrograde Aquarius Mercury will likely put the brakes on anything too outrageous.

Use this energy to finish up any creative endeavors, for your inventive mind will know few boundaries with the help of Fiery Uranus, while the steady waters of the Taurus Moon will insure depth of expressive Mercurial power.


don’t mess with mars/neptune!!

1317583113_fairyThat’s right!!

If you have—

  • natal Mars in aspect with Neptune
  • natal Mars in Pisces
  • natal Mars in the 12th House
  • to a lesser degree—
    • natal Neptune in the 1st House
    • natal Neptune in Aries (no one alive has this, by the way)
    • natal Pisces Rising


And don’t you forget it!

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starlight in hades—sun conjunct pluto—jan 3rd

This Sunday night’s Full Moon is a dewsy, ya’ll.

One major component is the Capricorn Sun’s conjunction with Pluto at 13º the day before. And, actually, we have been under this dynamic’s influence all week and it will continue into next week.

Two words—

Intense. Power.

Ok, first, I think it might prove wise to list a few mistakes you don’t want to make under this conjunction.

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-006Here goes . . .

  • petty arguments
  • power plays
  • emotional manipulation
  • compulsive ideation
  • obsessive need for control
  • ego-conflicts
  • ruthless negativity


Now that the b.s. is outta the way, let’s get down to how this event could be magical.

So, yes, Sun/Pluto can portend a bout with megalomania, but it can also be one of the most intensely healing transits available.

If even for a few days, we have access to deep psychological insights and a profound spirit of determination is ours to utilize.  The lesson is one of letting go—no easy task for a lot of us.

This combination allows us to transform the self and the immediate environment. If there is any area that needs an overhaul, Sun/Pluto can perform miracles. Sol shines his light on all the decay Hades has brought to the surface then offers the resolve to deal with the awful mess.

Look to the Capricorn house (specifically 12º-14º) for specific clues to where your personal awareness capabilities will go off the charts.

Avoid the inclination to skew to the negative, and you’ll do just fine.


the pupil and the professor

So, Tuesday, November 25th, is the day that dear Mercury bumps smack into Scorpio Saturn.

Vintage-Black-and-White-Clipart-009The image in my mind is the distracted awkward freshman with the untapped intellectual goldmine lurking below his immature, social ineptitude, who finds himself in the professor-from-hell’s 8AM class that first, innocent, Fall semester.

The professor is soooooo damn intimidating and scary. The rigors of the syllabus jump from the page in a fit of ‘roided-out rage.

Why even bother dragging your sorry ass out of bed, when the ‘smart’ thing is to drop the course anyway?

But there is something magnetic about the old man’s way of being.  How the wisdom oozes from his aura. How the twinkling eyes promise a Pandora’s plethera of knowledge.

Something motivates to carry on.

There is always the danger of depressive ideation when Mercury flies under the rings of Saturn, but that is merely the worst possible outlook. The bright side is the pay off of hard work and sacrifice.

Saturn is the old man that knows what he’s talking about and knows how to get the goods.

You have to listen and then follow through.


There is no other way.


why so serious?—sun/venus/saturn conjunct—november 12th – 18th

Currently in the skies, Venus and the Sun are about 4º apart.The-Dragon-with-Seven-Heads

The two were cazimi on the 24th of October, and then the Goddess of Love overtook the Sun shortly before Halloween, although she remains combust at the moment.

On November the 12th, Aphrodite will conjunct Father Time at 25º of Scorpio.  Then on the 18th, the Sun will follow suit while Venus makes her move into gregarious Sagittarius.

The most dramatic day of this week long event will be Friday the 14th, where Venus/Saturn/Sun (all within 5º) will square the Moon and Jupiter in Leo.

If you are in possession of planets or points amongst the last decan of the Fixed signs, especially Scorpio and Leo, this will be a powerful few days for you.

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the goat continues his ascent . . .

The-Knight--Death-And-The-DevilOn the day Mercury passes the Shadow degree of Scorpio, Capricorn Mars also perfects his conjunction with Pluto.

Those of us with any planets or points at the 11th degree of a Cardinal or Earth sign will feel the effects the mightiest.

Wow. At the moment, the skies are brimming with Scorpio energy!

Sun, Venus, Saturn and direct moving Mercury all occupy the sign. The former two are squaring Jupiter from Leo, which means the expansion of Solar and Venusian Scoprionic themes, while the latter pair are getting ready to conjunct on the 25th.

So, the Warrior melding with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, further adds to the Fixed Water motley crew of the current heavens.

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of daggers and thieves

November 8th sees our resident sprinter Mercury again returning to the sign of Scorpio, joining the Sun, Venus and Saturn. He will remain in the Phoenix’ realm until the 27th.

The shift from Libra to Scorpio is palpable. Our circle shrinks—our intelligence is utilized for the survival of our select few.

Suspicions rise and loyalties are calculated. Deep are the musings, when Mercury inhabits the sign of the Scorpion.

The Winged Messenger comes from under the Retrograde Shadow on Monday, the 10th to immediately trine Neptune in Pisces the next day.

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full moon prepatory cascade

From November the 2nd through the 5th, we have a series of events that will be setting up the Scorpio Full Moon on Thursday, the 6th.

First, Venus sextiles Pluto around midnight on the 2nd, giving a sexy vibe to the chilly autumn night.  The extra hour we obtain from Daylight Savings Time may come in uber handy for the weekend’s galavanting.

WB2_0022_She-was-the-Queen-of-them-allThen at dawn that morning, the Pisces Moon will conjunct Chiron and trine the Venus/Sun Scorpio conjunction.

Lots of Water.

The early A.M. will feel loaded with by-gone wounds. Obsessions and traumas may flare.

Or a transformation may come with the rising first light of day—locking the past firmly in the rear mirror.

Regardless, the Moon moves quick and she will be long gone from the scene by sunset.

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