fast and dirty—t-squares, boomerangs & kites, oh my!

In anticipation for the upcoming grand-Fire-trine/Kite formation this October, I want to post a fast and dirty about astrology’s ‘outs’.


Well, what I mean is, sometimes the planets line up in a manner that gets a little bit tricky, little bit stressful, little bit scary, yeah?

But the cosmos always provides a way OUT.  This is a post about these indispensable tools.

All three demonstrate the functional beauty of the opposition!

Remember, the ‘out’ is triggered by either a natal planet/point, a transiting planet or another person’s planet/point through synastry.

Shall we?

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october 1st -10th—an astrological bonfire

So, we got a taste of this action recently on the 25th, yes?

Starting around the 1st, Mars in Sagittarius is moving into orb with Uranus and Leo and IT IS ON!!

This aspect will continue to gain strength until it perfects around the 4th of October, then will last well into the week after.  It is forming the bedrock for a Kite formation with the Sun/Venus/Nodal Axis/Moon/Uranus during October’s Full Moon/Eclipse on the 8th.

And like any grand-Fire-trine should, it’s gonna go out with a bang, folks!

There will be a Yod involving the Moon in Taurus on October 10th, tying up Mars and Jupiter in the mix.

So much action.  You’d think someone lit a match in a gas can!

I will post about the Kite, Lunar Eclipse—all of it separately.  Right now, I want to concentrate on the grand-Fire-trine.

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september 25th—jupiter trine uranus—abundance for the collective

Jupiter is at 15° of Leo, Uranus is retrograde and at 15° of Aries.

The universe is being rather generous with it’s Fire, ain’t it?  And, it’s only gonna get hotter.  Right in time for the growing chill of autumn.

This Thursday’s trine is a precursor to the 10 day long big event, when Sagittarius Mars joins the party, making a grand-Fire-trine, from roughly the 1st-10th of October.

Lots of time to reap the benefits.  So, let’s get to know these fiery guys better and break down what a trine will do to blend their energies.

Uranus made his move from Pisces to Aries back in 2010 and will be in the Cardinal sign until 2019.  This is a position of the heavens he hasn’t traveled since the late 1920’s-early 1930’s.  Those were tumultuous times, as are these.

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fire upon fire upon fire . . .

The middle of this week sees the heavens giving a grand-Fire-trine, with the Sun in Leo, the Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-037Trines are easy flowing energy and a grand-trine is a locked-in loop.   Fire in astrology is characterized by creativity, gut instincts, passion, courage and spontaneity.

Therefore, wherever this falls in your chart, expect a happy day or two of enthusiastic mojo.  The Sun shines in one house, Moon feels in another, while Uranus is quietly (ha!) sending out lightning bolts from a third house to the two luminaries.

For example: this grand-trine flows in my 3rd, 7th and 11th Houses—

The transiting Leo Sun is radiating through my 11th House, highlighting my current hopes and plans for the future.  Plug in transiting philosophical Sadge Moon from my 3rd H and increased mental activity centered around the future is completely probable. From the 7th House, Aries Uranus is fueling radical independent ideas about dealing with the public (7th H).  Remember, Uranus is retrograde, so the ideas will be more introspective than typical.

I see this as a continuation of the transits I have recently had to my 10th House of career, that led me to start this blog.  Scheming about ways to make future business great with a little forethought and ingenuity.

Transits of the Moon do not last long, so use this while you can.  Fire flares and dies, so this influence is doubly fleeting.

Had any bright ideas lately?  Let me know in the comments.