september 3rd—the light working with the dark

Wednesday, September 3rd, the Virgo Sun trines Capricorn Pluto Rx at the 11th degree.

If there is one thing Earth signs need in this life, it’s WORK.    Wherever this affects your chart—today will be a great day to get your workaholic on!!

Although, the 3rd is the day of the exact trine, this configuration has been gaining strength for the last week and will fade into next week, so there is plenty time to use it fully.  And you are most likely already experiencing it.

So, whenever the Sun and Pluto meet up, there is an increase in power and passion.  The ability to pursue one’s goals is accentuated and your capacity to concentrate on minute details will be emphasized.  Additionally, you will be given the chance to shine light (Sun) on the darker (Pluto) facets underscored by the placement of this alignment.

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when the universe agrees for you to be a gypsy

Continuing my series of posts about outer planets crossing my Imum Coeli (here’s the first and second installments).

Uranus crossed my IC and transited my 4th House from roughly 1992 to 1999.  I was 15 to 23 years of age.

This was a time filled with teenage angst and a burning itch to get out in the world and conquer.  I was miserable in my one horse town and felt my life was in a vice getting tighter.  The first chance I got from high school, I hit the road. Continue reading