weekend, now—pivots and action points—june 12th – 14th

Rossetti_1915_Sing_Song_Girls_AngelSo, Mercury is now direct!! Neptune is now retrograde; Saturn is hovering at the zero degree. Jupiter and Uranus are still givin’ the good vibes from their fiery thrones and the Sun and Mars are of one mind in Gemini.

That’s the weekend in a nutshell, folks.

Luna will spend today and tomorrow in Taurus—slow and steady and oh, so sensual—interacting with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Venus in Leo. All nice for a relaxing weekend. She will then move to Gemini on Sunday, conjuncting Mercury and opposing Saturn as he regresses into Scorpio that night—gearing up mentally for the work week ahead.

The Sun overtakes Mars at 23° Gemini on Sunday, as well—beginning a new cycle for our Warrior.

In one way or another, everything mentioned leads back to the intellectualism of Gemini.

Ideas, ideas, ideas. Retracing to inject cheerful wit and bold genius.



and for the week—energy, imagination, passion and calm—june 8th – 11th

George-Barbier-LAir-868-35This week’s skies are dominated by the Gemini Sun/Mars conjunction sextiling Aries Uranus and Leo Jupiter, who themselves are in trine. At first the sextile to Jupiter is the strongest, but by week’s end, as the Moon comes to help, the interaction with Uranus takes command.

What it all means is we can look forward to a relatively productive week.

We will effortlessly have enough energy to get what needs done, done. It simply won’t cross our minds to procrastinate—we’ll be squarely in the ‘now’ of doing—Mars cazimi to the Sun and all! Jupiter adds confidence and good humor; Uranus lends genius and riotous know-how.

I’m not complaining.

On the emotional front, well, lovely Leo Venus and dapper Gemini Mercury Rx* sextile for most of the week. Our minds can easily tap into the beauty all around—this is a pleasant and calming boost to the whole shebang!

For her part, Luna is moving to Pisces as I type, shortly to square Saturn Rx in Sagittarius—perfect mentality to get the work week started. As she drifts through the Mutable waters Monday and Tuesday, intense imaginative solicitude will be collectively available.

Then by Wednesday, she has switched gears to the fiery passions of Aries, fueling the energies of the boys in Gemini. She interacts benevolently with most, save for a square to Capricorn Pluto Rx which may cause some minor power struggles. But by Thursday evening she is VOC, allowing us to rest up overnight to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Friday!

Yeah, still not complaining.


* I have noticed a glaring lack of hand-wringing about Mercury retrograde this go-round in Gemini. What’s goin’ on?

care for some leo?—venus in the sign of the lion—june 5th – oct. 8th

If Leo isn’t your cup of tea, well, then I don’t know what to tell you, ’cause we’ve got lots of the Lion for the whole Summer and on into Fall!!

Lady-Lilith-Dante-Gabriel-RossettiYep, on Friday, the 5th, Venus left Cancer for Leo, where she will stay for the long haul, ya’ll—remaining in the 5th sign until this time come October! This area of your chart is going to be ablaze.

Wow! Just wow! Four months, people. FOUR! MONTHS!

And that is kinda how she will manifest—dramatic flare a’raging, capital letters and all.

Lady Aphrodite in Fixed Fire is big! BIG!

Big smiles, big hair, big egos, big hearts, big laughter, big drama!!!


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weekend augury—happy, happy, joy, joy!—june 5th – 7th

WoutiersTheTriumphofBacchusKHMIt’s looking to be a wonderfully positive couple days!! Nothing but trines and sextiles (oh, ok, a couple oppositions, too)!!

Today, lovely Venus moves to big-hearted Leo—where she stays for the summer due to her retrograde. Lucky us! And the Capricorn Moon makes a few final aspects before becoming VOC for the remainder of the day.

All weekend, Gemini Mars approaches a conjunction with the Sun, while sextiling both Jupiter and Uranus—Fire and Air!! All will brighten and we will have plenty of confidence to work and maybe party! This configuration becomes tightest Monday but we surely benefit now, too.

Tomorrow the Moon has moved to Aquarius to oppose Venus, then trine Gemini Mercury Rx. For her part, Venus trines Saturn Rx in Sadge. We’ll feel stable but also extravagantly sincere in our day-to-day emotional dealings. Fire fanned by the winds of Air.

Also Saturday, the Gemini Sun quincunxes Capricorn Pluto adding depth and intensity to Gemini’s fluttering mental gymnastics—great for conversations and such.

Sunday, sees Luna livin’ big with a sextile from Jupiter and Uranus AND trining the Sun & Mars. Aquarius loves the people and engaging socially will be a no-brainer under this influence!!

The Moon then goes VOC for the evening, so we can relax and ready for the work week.

Good times.


october 3rd—beauty of a day

On  Friday the 3rd, Venus in Libra will inconjunct Pisces Neptune and also, trine the Moon traveling through Aquarius.

splendidnebulaFirst, the inconjunct.

This is the third and final interplay between Aphrodite and the Sea God in their  inconjunct/opposition/quincunx dynamic for the year.  Friday is your make-up test to incorporate the lessons of these two planetary guides.

When Venus and Neptune dance, you are being asked to get in touch with the glamorous side of spirituality.  Neptune is a large outer planet, therefore he acts upon Venus, the faster inner PERSONAL planet.  Venus attracts and Neptune dreams.

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august 25th & 26th—lady leo has suiters a’calling

Venus is about half way done with her yearly summer trip through the fire sign of Leo.  The beginning of this coming week many suiters will come a’calling on Miss Venus.  Let’s she how she may respond to their advances.

On August 25th, the Goddess of Love will inconjunct the Maverick from Pisces.  Venus is attraction and our sense of worth related to how attractive we feel and how well we attract financial security.  Chiron is a wound that never heals.  His energy is of helping others with precisely the injuries he cannot recover fully from.  Together, we get to question our value in regards to the house Venus is transiting.  She is pulling healing Chironic energy to this area.  With Chiron, ‘healing’ may be as simple as a minor change in perspective.

Sounds easy, but inconjuncts are tricky— to get the rewards you have to manually adjust.  Leo is the lion, but here she is the bashful fluffy kitty and any body in Pisces is undoubtedly on the introverted side.  Think of 2 shy teenagers with crushes, who have to force themselves to even smile at one another.

Then on Tuesday, charming attention loving Leo Venus will square steamy Mars/Saturn in Scorpio.  The same day she will also be in trine aspect with electric Uranus from Aries.

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summer shenanigans of scorpio mars

This week and on into next week, Mars gets a lot of action, a position the God of War enjoys.

But first things first, lets get to know Mr. Scorpio Mars a bit better.

It is general consensus that Mars in Pluto’s sign is the sexiest of them all.  And back in the day, before Pluto was discovered, Mars was the ruler of extreme Scorpio.  Therefore his current sojourn in our Fixed Water sign is an agreeable one.

Mr. Mars here is a brooding, smoldering, determined gentleman.  He can navigate the waters of obsession with just the right mix of  possession and jealousy to arouse the most coldly rational of partners.  If he wants you, he will get you.  And if not, he will scorch the earth trying.  This doesn’t just go for matters of the heart, either.  Scorpio Mars brings this singularity of intent to all he does in the world.  But beware, this warrior fights no half battles.  He is all in or he is all out.  No middle.  Once he’s over it, he’s gone.


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lady venus joins the king of planets

What does it mean when the two benefics unite in the sign of royalty?

Various-Vintage-Illustrations-004You’d think fireworks, but it threatens to actually be a pretty laid-back affair.

Venus and Jupiter conjunct on the 18th, at 7° of Leo.  Together, Jupiter and Venus are easy going.  They ooze kindness, optimism and generosity.  Leo loves the center stage but doesn’t mind an afternoon soaking up the sun.  And, yep, things can become too self-indulgent with this regal pair, so look out if you happen to have a sweet tooth.

To intensify matters, around dawn, the transiting Moon will sextile the two from Gemini.  If  you have the day off, chillaxing with a good book will satisfy this Moon/Venus/Jupiter, nicely.  At worst, if you are a 9-5er, it might be hard to get to work on this Monday morning, since this energy could make lazy daisies out of us all.  Think big jungle cats lounging in the smoldering shade on the sub-Sahara. Nothin’s gonna budge them, if they ain’t ready.

Oh and before I forget, the Greater and Lesser Benefic will also be making an inconjunct configuration with retrograde Neptune in Pisces.  This could add confusing haziness to the laziness or if integrated on the positive, utter transcendence.

But mostly, this aspect is going to just feel undemanding in a good-hearted way according to whichever house it falls in your chart.

For me, the Goddess of Love and King of the Gods will be coupling in my 10th House, but will conjunct my natal Saturn.  This alters the effect quite a bit.  So, a balancing act between big career plans, tempered by realistic goals will be in order.

As long as the coffee keeps us functioning, it should be a very pleasant, relaxed day and a wonderful, albeit slow, start to the week.


attraction gets the spotlight

On August 12th, Venus ingresses from Cancer to Leo joining the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.

Tons of flirty Leo dramatics in the air.

While in Cancer, we had an opportunity to nurture the area of life (i.e. the house in your natal chart) touched by the Goddess of Love.  As she moves into Leo this week, we get to bring vitality, creativity, fun and childlike exuberance to this house and/or the succeeding one.  No other sign demands attention like Leo, so wherever this is going down in your life prepare to give due consideration.

To utilize Venus, it helps to understand what  she represents. She rules attraction and attractiveness.  She is magnetism. Her placement in the natal describes what we are attracted to and how we attract others. By transit, when she moves through an area of an astrological chart, the chance to draw energy to the workings of that house is stimulated. She is associated with money, resources of all types (financial and relational), self-esteem, beauty and love.  Along with Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Neptune, she is known as a benefic planet. She is lucky.

For example, I have a Cancer/Leo 10th House, so Venus is there right now and has been for weeks.  The 10th House is about career, status and public reputation.  In July, while Venus was in Cancer transiting my 10th, I started this blog (birth=Cancer) and have been nurturing it along.  Now that Venus is moving to Leo, which is also partly in my 10th House (I use the Placidus house system), I get to bring the aforementioned creativity to my work here, an extra boost at least.

But this is just my chart. Everyone has a different area that is affected by Venus changing signs.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there, folks. While she travels through the sign of Leo until early September, Venus is going to make contacts with other heavenly bodies that will further stimulate things, specifically Jupiter, also in Leo, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries.

Lots of action.

I will post on these events as they arise.

Where are you feeling lucky?