september 13th—the warrior gets his bow and arrows

On Saturday, September 13th, our resident Warrior moves from the fluid depths of Scorpio to the lofty blazing heights of Sagittarius—from Water to Fire.  Both are marked by feelings—one is just the receptive yin variety, the other, assertive yang.

Scorpio Mars is the strategist, while Sagittarius Mars just simply wings it.  We have spent the last month and a half ruminating over actions taken or not, swimming among the ghosts and goblins of our individual Underworlds and getting intimate with Father Time.  

Now it is time to come up for air.

Once in Sagittarius, he quickly goes into square aspect with Piscean Neptune and by the end of September he will be personal player in a grand-Fire-trine with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries that reaches perfection on October 4th.  Hot!  Further along, our soldier revisits Libra energy through sextiles to Fall planets transversing there.

More on all that in the days to come, but first, let’s get to know the Archer a bit better.

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