the god of thieves teams up with a warrior, father time and a revolutionary: part 2

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” —Archimedes

On August 24th the Yod configuration between Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus occurs.  You can read about the Yod, here; Part 1 of Mercury in Virgo 2014, here and the role Mars conjunct Saturn plays, here.

Lots of yummy stuff, so let’s get to it—

What happens when steamy Mars/Saturn goes into easy aspect with earthy Mercury?  When structured action combines with quicksilver intellect?

Now, where in your life do things need to be shook up?  Where could you use some revolution?  Where is a blind spot that could use some light?

This configuration could be an answer to most all of that.

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august 23rd—season of the maiden begins

Saturday the 23rd, the Sun moves from the sign of the Lion to the steadfast Mutable Earth sign, Virgo.  She will Art-Nouveau-Painting-010stay here until late in the evening of September 22nd.  In the astrological chart, she rules the 6th House of work and health and is ruled by the Messenger God, Mercury.

What do you think of when you think of late August?

It is still stupid hot from Summer, but the threat of Fall looms large.  Stores are full of back-to-school paraphernalia and the gardens are brimming as well, with ripening veggies from the season’s labor.

Yes, Virgo is the sign of the harvest, the fullest point of the year.  Now, is the time to reap what was sown months ago.  Now, is the time to go back to learning and put the fun of summer vacation behind us.  Now, is the time to begin preparation for Winter.

Virgo is a mental sign.  Her little brain never quiets.  She is forever evaluating, categorizing, analyzing her environment to make her world function just so.

She is the opportunity to fine tune your world.  She promises clear mental acumen.  She is restless and has the stamina to see the project through.

She is Mutable Earth.  She is stable and resolute, but unlike her fellow Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, she is naturally flexible.  Her top priority is getting the job done accurately and she will bend to make it so.

She is the Sun’s last hooray til next spring.  Put her to work and she will pay back ten-fold.

She suffers when not being of service.  Use her.


august 2nd, 2014 . . .thinking BIG

Next Saturday, Jupiter, planet of expansion and the higher-self teams up with Mercury, planet of the mind and communication in Leo, sign of royalty and the spotlight—time to think BIG, baby.

With action oriented Mars in determined Scorpio zinging this pair the conversations, ideas and schemes produced this day will have a deeply philosophical flair for the dramatic.

Satisfying the Leo in us all.

Where’s it about to get chatty in your world?