when a big boy steps from one side to the other

starbirthIn the spring of 1988, I was 11 years old.  It was coming to the end of my sixth grade and for the first time we, the other girls in my classes and I, were able to try out for cheerleading.  The next year, we were going to middle school, no longer babies—on the precipice of being teenagers.

Life felt vital and terrifying.  This was a big deal.

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been there, done that!

plutotransitsSo, like all my fellow Pluto Librans, I am experiencing my fated Pluto square Pluto transit.  I have natal Pluto rising, therefore this transit from Capricorn ups the ante a bit, to say the least.

Currently, the god of the underworld is plowing through my underworld, having retrograded back across my IC for the second time last year and is now hitting my natal Pluto for the 3rd and final time just now.

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