ankle biters and dirty, rotten authority figures—saturn retrograde—march 13th – august 2nd

Well guys, it is time for the Planet of Karma’s 2015 retrograde cycle.

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-010Friday, Saturn began retracing his steps through the beginning degrees of Sagittarius and into the final degrees of Scorpio—from 5º back to 28º.

Father Time has been in his retrograde shadow since the beginning of last December and will remain so until the beginning of November this year. All in all, eleven months of this energy, and now we are at the strongest part—the actual retrograde.

Retrograde cycles are times of introspection. The energies of the planet go inward, where they ruminate, hopefully to be expressed in constructive ways, usually later after the retro is over.

Like most things, each planet, sign, house and aspect in astrology has a positive and a negative manifestation.  For Saturn, he rules authority, wisdom, thrift and discipline, but also fear, greed, frustration and depression.

Tomorrow, the 16th, Saturn squares newly ingressed Pisces Mercury, for the former’s first aspect while “moving backwards.”  This got me thinking about a few of the crappy Saturnian experiences I have had in my life–experiences that I’m certain have been shared by many of you.

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december 20th—solstice eve 2014: part 1

This is the first of a three part series of posts detailing the busy Saturday preceding the Winter Solstice/New Moon on Sunday, the 21st.

1800s-Vintage-Illustrations-029Alright, the skies are brimming to the gills with Mutable and Cardinal escapades this weekend.

The only hold-out to speak of is dear old Saturn battling the chaos of Scorpio’s 29th degree. He moved to the anaretic position on December 14th and will remain there until the 23rd, when he finally crosses the border into Sagittarius.

His current locality points to a crisis of Scorpionic proportion. It’s crunch time for how we all relate to sex, death and taxes—you can toss in intimacy, too, for shits and giggles. Ha!

Metaphorically, we are tying up any loose ends related to the issues listed above. Whatever Saturn deems yet to be finalized, the seeds of culmination will be planted at this New Moon, for he will retrograde back into the 8th sign come June 2015 to complete.

Saturn leaves nothing unsound.


While Father Time has his hands full with all that, our freshly ingressed Capricorn Mercury is sextiling Neptune in Pisces. We all will have an extra boost of intuitive dexterity at our disposal.

Ah, yes, the Trickster palling up with the God of Illusion makes for quite the environment for mischief. Clever little rascals, to bring a bit of gaiety with the bite of Capricorn’s devilish humor.

This folks, is just some of the energy to influence the weekend’s Solstice.