tarot tales: the Moon


This is what’s going on.

So, to kick off this endeavor, the very first card drawn is—

The Moon XVIII

  • Major Arcana—feminine/goddess energy
  • astrology: Cancer, Pisces
  • numerology: 18, 9
  • basic themes: imagination, psychic development, unforeseen changes, things aren’t always what they seem


February. Mid-twenties—temperature and age.

It was a Thursday evening about 9:45 PM.

Walking with a close friend, on our way to cheap pitchers at the bar. All bundled up. Thankful for the stretches of shoveled sidewalk, gingerly crunching through the bits that no one had bothered with. Head down, checking for icy spots.

It was quite far, walking, from our houses to the destination, so we had plenty of time to shoot the shit.  Conversation always sounds different through cold air, covered ears and multiple layers.

I had spent the last year having fun. Traveling Europe—one punk festival to the next, living with friends, working part-time but making more than enough, weeks packed with basement shows and house parties.

Life was good, really frikkin’ good, but I was in so much pain.

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