september 25th—jupiter trine uranus—abundance for the collective

Jupiter is at 15° of Leo, Uranus is retrograde and at 15° of Aries.

The universe is being rather generous with it’s Fire, ain’t it?  And, it’s only gonna get hotter.  Right in time for the growing chill of autumn.

This Thursday’s trine is a precursor to the 10 day long big event, when Sagittarius Mars joins the party, making a grand-Fire-trine, from roughly the 1st-10th of October.

Lots of time to reap the benefits.  So, let’s get to know these fiery guys better and break down what a trine will do to blend their energies.

Uranus made his move from Pisces to Aries back in 2010 and will be in the Cardinal sign until 2019.  This is a position of the heavens he hasn’t traveled since the late 1920’s-early 1930’s.  Those were tumultuous times, as are these.

Aries is the sign of the Individual and Uranus is the planet of the Collective.  Seems contradictory, but these two do get on famously.  Uranus is the Rebel and any good rebellion takes stalwart individuality that will at first, stand alone and fight, something Aries has in spades.  Uranus’ cool intellect has channeled the pioneering wild fire of Aries into initiating many a personal reinvention or group uprising since the Planet of Awakenings ingressed 4 years ago.  The house he is traversing in your natal is certainly gettin’ all shook up.

Uranus is currently retrograde, has been since the 21st of July and will be until the 21st of December.  When a planet is retro, its archetypal makeup is directed inward.  So, here with Uranus moving in reverse, the ‘me, me, me!’ emphasis of Aries is accentuated—deep profound personal awakenings.

Jupiter has been in the 5th sign of the zodiac since mid-July, where he’ll stay till August of next year.  Leo is the sign of royalty and Jupiter is  the King of Planets, and well, whichever house he is transiting things have become quite noble, I’m sure.  Leo Jupiter is generous, spontaneous, dignified and down right FUNNY!  He values respect and social status, he needs attention, he needs to play and be creative.  He brings with him luck and ambition, of which he is lavishly extending to you somewhere in your natal.

Aries and Leo are 2 Fire signs and this means creative action originating from instinct.  Aries is Cardinal, which initiates and Leo is Fixed, which stabilizes.  The 120° trine aspect connects these 2 forces to produce the spark that begins something brilliant and then provides the stamina to see it maintained.  If Uranus transits are about breaking free of the old, willingly or not, then Leo transits are characterized by growth, expansion, hope and enthusiasm.  Again, wherever this is goin’ down in your chart,  will be the focal point of an awesome opportunity to be in the right place at the right time.


The following breakdown only works if you have near to uniform degrees for each house in your birthchart.  If you are someone with duplicated cusps and intercepted houses it becomes a bit more complicated.  Feel free to contact me if this is the case.

If Uranus is in an Angular House (1/4/7/10), he will trine Leo in a Succedent House (5/8/11/2, respectively).

There has been a pattern of awakenings in one of the fundamental pillars of your life.  It has most likely been a trying last few years in this sphere.  Now is the chance to bring humor back to this area.  To enthusiastically regroup, to rally the troops in honest heartfelt camaraderie.

 If Uranus is currently in a Succedent House (2/5/8/11), he will interact with Leo who is in a Cadent House (6/9/12/3, respectively).

Uranus has been getting you out of a rut in your houses of values and finances.  This trine from Leo will bring an adventurous new outlook to the issue, one that teaches you skills and strengthens your resiliency.  Become a cognitive sponge soaking up all the lessons of magnanimous adaptability coming your way.

If Uranus happens to be transiting a Cadent House (3/6/9/12) in your natal chart, then the exchange is with Leo in an Angular House (4/7/10/1, respectively).

A revolution has been occurring in the way you view things mentally.  Insights and eccentric ideas have been reshaping your intellectual landscape.  And now you have the chance to put some of those ideas into action.  Be spontaneous and playful.

Yeah?  Sweet!

Wherever you are getting the love with this one, I hope it’s as fortune as promised!!!


3 thoughts on “september 25th—jupiter trine uranus—abundance for the collective

  1. Cannelle says:

    Love this post! It was really well written and well described. I just finished a guest post for another astrology blog today on the Grand Fire Trine.


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