weekend augury—happy, happy, joy, joy!—june 5th – 7th

WoutiersTheTriumphofBacchusKHMIt’s looking to be a wonderfully positive couple days!! Nothing but trines and sextiles (oh, ok, a couple oppositions, too)!!

Today, lovely Venus moves to big-hearted Leo—where she stays for the summer due to her retrograde. Lucky us! And the Capricorn Moon makes a few final aspects before becoming VOC for the remainder of the day.

All weekend, Gemini Mars approaches a conjunction with the Sun, while sextiling both Jupiter and Uranus—Fire and Air!! All will brighten and we will have plenty of confidence to work and maybe party! This configuration becomes tightest Monday but we surely benefit now, too.

Tomorrow the Moon has moved to Aquarius to oppose Venus, then trine Gemini Mercury Rx. For her part, Venus trines Saturn Rx in Sadge. We’ll feel stable but also extravagantly sincere in our day-to-day emotional dealings. Fire fanned by the winds of Air.

Also Saturday, the Gemini Sun quincunxes Capricorn Pluto adding depth and intensity to Gemini’s fluttering mental gymnastics—great for conversations and such.

Sunday, sees Luna livin’ big with a sextile from Jupiter and Uranus AND trining the Sun & Mars. Aquarius loves the people and engaging socially will be a no-brainer under this influence!!

The Moon then goes VOC for the evening, so we can relax and ready for the work week.

Good times.


week ahead—grounding balance—april 13th – 16th

Our upcoming week shows extra emphasis on the talents of the Earth element—which is great, cuz we’re gonna need it!Friedrich-Caspar-David-ZZZ-The-Rock-Gates-in-Neurathen

For the week, the waning Moon will spend her time in Aquarius then Pisces.

While here, there is potential to get swept away with “out there” excitable daydreams and/or painful, unrealistic emotional dramas.

Uh oh.

But not likely. Let me explain.

We start the week similar to yesterday—Uranus/Pluto square still in effect, as well as the Mars/Neptune sextile. We are also getting accustomed to Venus now in Gemini.


And Tuesday sees Mercury leave Aries for Venus ruled, Taurus.


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carouse the night away—sun opposite jupiter—feb 6th

Lovely-Vintage-Illustration-Clip-Art-052As the Moon rushes through Virgo, today, the Aquarius Sun will oppose Jupiter Rx at 17º.

Jupiter is getting a fair sight of play this week due all his inconjuncts and oppositions coming from the 11th sign. ‘Tis the Season of the Water Bearer, after all.

And this is a good, good thing.

Jupiter is the Santa Claus/Jolly Buddha of the zodiac. He gives and gives and laughs and laughs. Such a fundamental spirit of kindness and glee with this one.

When the Sun opposes him, we err on the side of excessive . . . whatever!

This is similar to the energy we experienced at the beginning of the week with the Full Moon. The pull of the Leo/Aquarius axis—the eternal battle of the Fire/Air dynamics—me/us!!!

Only this weekend, there is little to do with healing our wounded souls, personal or collective, and just quite simply wonderfully decadent social glut. Just in time for the weekend!!

Yep, this is a feel good one—we’ll be going to extremes. BIG as we can get.

Fair warning—don’t get in over your head—

Unless that’s exactly what your world is needing!


mercury rx sextile uranus/south node—jan 27th

On his way backward through Aquarius, Mercury Retrograde is meeting up with Aries Uranus conjunct the South Node, Tuesday, the 27th, Lovely-Vintage-Illustration-Clip-Art-055when the three sextile at the 13º.

The last time this occurred was two weeks ago on the 13th, though that time Hermes was conjunct Venus.

This time, the Messenger God flies solo.

Mercury and Uranus together in Air and Fire, respectively, speak to inspired genius. Expect brilliance to flow effortlessly.

The addition of the Uranus + South Node requires a radical roll call of what should be brought with us into our future and, more importantly, what should be left triumphantly in our past.

Mercury gets squared my the Taurus Moon Tuesday, as well. Take all the above and add a little extra dose of worry and emotional restlessness to the mix.

One down side to the whole mash-up is the Uranian tendency to forget to look before he leaps, but the intrinsic introspective logic of Retrograde Aquarius Mercury will likely put the brakes on anything too outrageous.

Use this energy to finish up any creative endeavors, for your inventive mind will know few boundaries with the help of Fiery Uranus, while the steady waters of the Taurus Moon will insure depth of expressive Mercurial power.


december 6th—full moon schoolin’ swap meet


Around 7:30 AM EST, tomorrow, December 6th, the Sagittarius Sun opposes Luna for the Gemini Full Moon at 14º.

Mercury is also conjunct the Sun. The two will square Pisces Chiron and trine Aries Uranus.

Watery Fireworks dumped at the feet of a scattered Gemini Moon.

Uh oh. Uncomfortable.

All this emotional drama gushing at the Air signs, as of late. It’s more than some EVER want to handle.

And it is amazing to me how much play Chiron and Uranus have gotten in so many major events since I started this blog this past Summer.


By now, we should all be masters at effortlessly soothing our weary psyches as our deepest scars repeatedly surface, quickly and brilliantly to boot!

Ha! Oh, to be so lucky.

Speaking of painful wounds, this month’s Full Moon will  also incorporate an inconjunct from Capricorn Pluto to the Gemini Moon. This adds the faint feeling of jeopardy to the day—danger to our very security just below the surface.

I am working on a post concerning the long, long, long dance of Pluto, Chiron and Uranus during their sojourns through Capricorn, Pisces and Aries, respectively.

But I digress . . .

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december 5th—our ‘get up and go’ gets rebellious

On Friday, December 5th, Mars will ingress into the 11th sign of Aquarius just in time for the Full Moon on the next night.

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-002Moving from a Cardinal to a Fixed sign.

Earth to Air.

The eleventh sign simply takes what the tenth sign began and molds it into sustainable brilliance. Projects initiated under Capricorn’s influence will now find truer stability under the Water-Bearer.

Our get up and go will be characterized by the unconventional rationale of Uranus. The more non-conformist a plan can be, the better.  The more of a humanitarian bent, the better.

Not only is this a Fixed sign—dependable and steadfast—but an Air sign, as well.

Think the mad professor that saves the day at the very last minute. Intellectual mastermind albeit scattered, but that’s merely the genius swirling about, ripe for the plucking.

We want to save the world!! With lightning bolts and science.

So, from now until nearly the middle of January, we get to don our do-gooder caps and work outrageous schemes.

Mars in your Aquarius house will light a quirky fire under your butt and it’s gonna show in that area of life.

Yep, the God of War’s tenure here will be interesting. Not until the 20th will he make a major aspect with any planet, save for the Moon goosing him periodically on her way round the circle.

That’s 2 full weeks unhindered.

Two blessed weeks of independence for a planet in a sign that revels in rebellious individuality!!!


And when he does finally interact it will be with his Water-Bearing ruler, Uranus.


Precisely how Aquarius rolls.


it may get a little squirrelly

So, the holiday is tomorrow. We will have quite the cosmic accompaniment for our affairs this year.

hs-2004-45-a-small_webI will give a brief rundown of what they are and then leave everyone to their chosen activities.

Shall we?

The Sun and Venus are both in Sagittarius. And late, late tomorrow, Mercury enters the sign, as well.

Repeat: jovial fire; jovial fire; jovial fire; jovial fire . . .

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october 7th-12th—giving the fire some backbone

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-042The Kite between the grand-Fire-trine, Sun/Venus/North Node and Uranus/South Node crystallizes on Tuesday, the 7th.  The Sun’s end of the opposition along the Nodal Axis is sextiling Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo.  The Moon is in Aries and well on her way to move into position for the Eclipse on Wednesday—of which I will post seperately.

Kites allow us to access the treasure trove of contained energy in a grand-trine.  This particular event is bringing the immense power of a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse into the frey.

The universe is giving us notice it is time to move forward.

So, in this post, I’m gonna break down the new ingredients that make up the Kite formation.

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october 3rd—beauty of a day

On  Friday the 3rd, Venus in Libra will inconjunct Pisces Neptune and also, trine the Moon traveling through Aquarius.

splendidnebulaFirst, the inconjunct.

This is the third and final interplay between Aphrodite and the Sea God in their  inconjunct/opposition/quincunx dynamic for the year.  Friday is your make-up test to incorporate the lessons of these two planetary guides.

When Venus and Neptune dance, you are being asked to get in touch with the glamorous side of spirituality.  Neptune is a large outer planet, therefore he acts upon Venus, the faster inner PERSONAL planet.  Venus attracts and Neptune dreams.

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september 29—nice, nicer, nicest

Venus is the Goddess of Attraction and Relating.  Libra, an Air sign, is ruled by Venus, these qualities are his bread and butter.

On Monday, Aphrodite will move from Virgo to the 7th sign of Libra.  Both Virgo Venus and Libra Venus  are finely elegant ladies, the latter is simply more comfortable, nay insists upon more,  flirting and chatting.  Virgo Venus’ main goal was to attract health, diet and exercise into the conversation.

Now there is a change—we will attract harmony, fairness and grace to our relationships at this time.  Where it felt good to take care of our routines in Virgo, it is now going to feel good to take care of our partnerships through pleasing the other with the Planet of Love’s ingress into Libra.

So, shall we get acquainted with the Goddess of Beauty here in the first sign above the Descendant?

Ok, one way to get our heads around this lovely deity is to understand that Venus also rules Taurus.

What, might you ask, is the primary difference between Libra and the 2nd sign?

Well, it is the difference between Earth and Air.  Taurus rules money and possessions—our value as earners and merit through self-esteem and self-worth.  Cold hard cash and solid confidence (Taurus) vs.  intangibles such as popularity and social decorum.  Libra also rules possessions of  a kind.  But they are the relational variety.  Libra Venus’ worth is intricately tied to the wealth he feels or not in the exchanges of sentiment and cerebral ideas with others—family, friends, partners, the stranger at the grocery store.

Venus rules what makes us happy.  Libra rules diplomacy and marriage—keeping the peace and balancing the needs of both partners in a coupling.  Libra Venus needs pleasant interaction and intimate connecting with others to stay in balance herself.

Man, she just wants everyone to be nice and happy and most of all to like HER!!

While in Libra, Venus will catch up with the Sun by mid-October and spend nearly a month cutting a rug through the signs of Libra and Scorpio with the Luminary.  It will be double or nothing hobnobbing, social niceties will be at their peak.  Libra needs to mend shattered connections and bring fairness to situations where justice is lacking.

 And boy, is she ever good at it!

No other sign is made or broken by relational success or discord.  Peaceful bonds with the other are of utmost importance and we will all gravitate in the upcoming weeks to this mantra.