fast and dirty—t-squares, boomerangs & kites, oh my!

In anticipation for the upcoming grand-Fire-trine/Kite formation this October, I want to post a fast and dirty about astrology’s ‘outs’.


Well, what I mean is, sometimes the planets line up in a manner that gets a little bit tricky, little bit stressful, little bit scary, yeah?

But the cosmos always provides a way OUT.  This is a post about these indispensable tools.

All three demonstrate the functional beauty of the opposition!

Remember, the ‘out’ is triggered by either a natal planet/point, a transiting planet or another person’s planet/point through synastry.

Shall we?

First,  you’ve got the T-square.  This occurs when two planets oppose (180°) one another and a third planet square both from 90° away.  This configuration combines the 2 of most challenging dynamics in astrology—the opposition and the square.

The ‘out’, here, is the point on the other side of the chart that opposes the squaring planet.   The addition of a fourth planet or point at this spot rounds out the hard edges of a modality (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable).  What starts uber tense is able to find an outlet through the fourth planet’s archetypal energy—allowing all nuances of the modality to be available.

Second, we’ve got a outlet for the Yod formation—a Boomerang.  Ok, so this is kinda like a second ‘out’ for this one, since the focal planet is already where the energy of a Finger of God gets directed.  But sometimes you need more options, I guess.  A yod is when two planets sextile (60°) one another while they both also inconjunct (150°) a third planet, forming an arrowhead shape in the chart.

Ok, the third planet is known as the focal point—when a fourth planet opposes (180°) this guy and semi-sextiles (30°) the other two, that is known as a Boomerang!  This boomerang planet provides a direct release for the pent up, hard to utilize quincunxes to the focal planet from the sextiling planets.  It allows the native to bring the balanced properties of a sign axis to the exchange.

Ok, last but not least, the Kite.

A Kite shares similarities to both a T-square and a Boomerang, actually.  Here we have a grand-trine, where 3 planets all in the same element trine (120°) one another creating a equilateral triangle in the chart.  All spectacularly easy and phenomenally lazy.

How we gonna use it though?  If a fourth planet or point opposes (180°) one of the trining (120°) planets while sextiling (60°) the other two—you’ve got a Kite formation.  It punctures an artery of a grand-trine, demanding incorporation out in the tangible, real world of action.

This final example is one reason October 2014’s grand-Fire-trine is so powerful.  We will have a definite way to incorporate all that extraordinary Fire potential.

Oppositions save the day!!


5 thoughts on “fast and dirty—t-squares, boomerangs & kites, oh my!

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