on the brink—september 8th—the harvest supermoon

This month’s Full Moon is occurring along the Virgo/Pisces axis.  It is the third and final SuperMoon of 2014.  Native American’s call the Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox, the Harvest Moon.  And the stars point to it being nothing short of a catharsis.

On Monday, September 8th the Virgo Sun will move into opposition with the Moon at 15° Pisces.  But not before Luna forms a Yod with Capricorn Pluto Rx  and Leo Jupiter.  And shortly after, the Full Moon dynamic will bring the healing powers of Chiron and the genius of Uranus into the fray.

To be quite honest, this is one of my personal favorite axes.  Not to mention with it being ‘super,’ there is so much potential written all over this event.  I am excited!

The Harvest Super Moon is gearing up to be an opportunity to utilize good ol’fashioned ingenuous humor to release long held emotional injuries.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Sun has been in Virgo for about 2 weeks.  We are well initiated in the Maiden’s modus operandi—hard work, details, critiquing the varnish off the walls—I kid.  During the New Moon in Virgo, we were asked to get real.  Now we get the opportunity to round out Virgo practicality with Piscean transcendence.  We are harvesting what we have sown.

Oppositions, especially of the Full Moon variety are a bridge between two polar archetypes.  This month we are given the chance to find balance among mutable energy—an Earth Sun and Water Moon, where the ocean meets the shore.  Where your toes are wet but your feet are still on the ground, just skirting the edge of the fluid depths. The Virgo/Pisces axis marks the ending and beginning of a journey. We are being asked to adapt and mutate if need be—to get our shit together in the physical plane (Virgo) as well as the spiritual plane (Pisces).

We are on the brink . . .

First off,  the Maiden Sun has been roughly 150° from Aries Uranus since Friday (the 5th), but they come into exact inconjunction on the Full Moon. So what could Aries possibly have to offer Virgo?  How ’bout some pioneering spirit?  How ’bout a healthy dose of bohemian originality?  How does some ‘charge in first, jot down a list later’ sound? This will offer us the ‘zap’ we need to get out of our heads and forge ahead—it may be over the top eccentric but it will come just at the right time.

Next up, our Lunar Lady will sextile Capricorn Pluto then both will quincunx Leo Jupiter to form a Finger of God aspect.  Here the Pisces Moon combined with Capricorn Pluto in easy alignment, is about honoring your gut instincts, which are dead on and robust at this moment.  Then add a heaping dose of gregarious fun with the King of Planets and together these three point to using a wicked (Pluto) sense of humor (Moon/Jupiter) to hone in and uncover (Pluto) any outdated emotional baggage (Moon/Pluto) blocking your path to numinous contentment.

And finally, our Pisces Moon will move into conjunction with Chiron, the Wounded Maverick and will oppose the Sun in Virgo.

During the New Moon’s waxing period you uncluttered a space—which is a purely Virgo thing.  And here’s the secret to the Virgo/Pisces axis—even if it was a closet you cleaned and organized, it counts toward a spiritual (Pisces)/emotional (Moon) space, too.  So, that on this SuperMoon there is room to utilize Pisces.  Once you satisfy one side, you are able to click in the next piece of the puzzle from the other side.

When Chiron and the Moon join, our hearts are forced wide open (double that since this will happen in sensitive, compassionate Pisces).  This aspect points to issues of maternal abandonment.  Our sense of security and faith in being cared for will be challenged.  It probably won’t manifest in actual issues between you and your mother, though for some it may—no, this will most likely feel like a spiritual reckoning, a limitless ache across time.  This is universal Mother comfort, feeling safe and nurtured by the cosmos at large.

Sunshine will be shed on wounds that are deep in our collective DNA.  This will be an exercise in utilizing the mind/body connection (Chiron) to expel haunting emotional demons.  Pluto uncovered them for us, Jupiter gave us the humor, Uranus the ingenuity, the Full Moon dynamic the space to work and now Chiron will begin to heal the fathomless suffering.

This will be a powerful cathartic night.  No one will need try escape the Moonlight of the evening, for it will be impossible.  Will the human race wake up Tuesday morning completely well-adjusted and free from any insecurity that leads to evil and pain?  Hell no!!  But for one night we will face old ghosts and chip away at the monolithic collective sorrow.

Don’t forget brave Leo Jupiter and his irrepressible humor—it’s the mightiest weapon you could ever have.


2 thoughts on “on the brink—september 8th—the harvest supermoon

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