september 13th—the warrior gets his bow and arrows

On Saturday, September 13th, our resident Warrior moves from the fluid depths of Scorpio to the lofty blazing heights of Sagittarius—from Water to Fire.  Both are marked by feelings—one is just the receptive yin variety, the other, assertive yang.

Scorpio Mars is the strategist, while Sagittarius Mars just simply wings it.  We have spent the last month and a half ruminating over actions taken or not, swimming among the ghosts and goblins of our individual Underworlds and getting intimate with Father Time.  

Now it is time to come up for air.

Once in Sagittarius, he quickly goes into square aspect with Piscean Neptune and by the end of September he will be personal player in a grand-Fire-trine with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries that reaches perfection on October 4th.  Hot!  Further along, our soldier revisits Libra energy through sextiles to Fall planets transversing there.

More on all that in the days to come, but first, let’s get to know the Archer a bit better.

The Planet of War in the sign of Sagittarius exemplifies the adventurer’s spirit.  Requisite physical  action to alleviate the restless nature.  This is not veg out on the couch energy, it is more of the climb a mountainside then BASE jump to the murky ground below type of action.  He is a philosopher who travels the world, actually or metaphorically, on a quest for higher knowledge—the only balm for his nomadic yearning.  He desires assimilation into foreign cultures and religions to understand their truths on a fundamental soul level.  He is the outspoken champion hitting the bull’s eye of current debate.  He is the perpetual student of life.  Mars here is action by speaking out; action by learning; action by doing.

Depending on where Sagittarius’ location in your chart, things are about to heat up in the coming weeks:

1st House:  growing desire to explore the world either through travel or books; the inclination to actually move residences may come to the surface or be realized

2nd House:  rising energy directed toward an outward expression of your values, especially concerning generous philanthropy

3rd House:  itching to work and/or communicate on philosophical endeavors; to outspokenly talk on end about religion and education

4th House:  the determination to get domestic projects started and hopefully completed, possibly in regard to pets and plants

5th House:  craving  a romantic getaway; increased inclination to work on hobbies as a fundamental creative outlet

6th House:  escalating drive to develop a functioning diet/exercise/health routine

7th House: heightened ability to use humor to resolve conflict in relationships (Mars transiting the 7th tends to accentuate confrontations)

8th House:  focus on exploring sex and intimacy—yes, physically and also mentally; wanting to uncover the ‘truths’ behind personal sexual ideologies

9th House:  increased desire to study a foreign language, quite possibly by traveling abroad—adventure time!!

10th House:  career ambition intensifying leading to action; demanding public recognition for speaking truth to power

11th House:  priority given to group activities, most likely the sporty outdoor adventurous type

12th House:  potential battle with insomnia resulting in meditative moonlit walks; spotlight on the necessity of expanding the subconscious through action—yoga, lucid dreaming, meditation


The God of War will be in the sign of the Archer until the 25th of October.

Where are you losing the ability to remain quiet?  Where are you gonna just wing it?


(While researching this post I came across the most Sagittarius-y blog EVER!  Passing it along.)

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